Frequently Asked Questions

How does SportyPal work?

SportyPal is easy to use intuitive application that runs on your mobile phone. You activate it when you start your exercise (running, cycling, walking, rollerblading or similar activity). It will log your performance and present summarized informationor detailed graphics and map view. The exercises can be seamlessly uploaded to your
web account where you can make broader analysis and share with your friends. It uses the GPS function on your mobile phone to track your movement during your training. At the same time, it analyses this information to derive various performance attributes. SportyPal will put more excitement in your healthy life and help you improve your
performance. Start using it now!

What do you need to use SportyPal?

First you need to download the SportyPal application to your mobile phone. Then, you need to create your SportyPal web account. In order to track your exercises your mobile phone needs to be GPS enabled.

Does it affect the normal phone usage?

While it is running on your mobile phone, SportyPal does not affect the normal operation. You can still listen to music, receive and initiate phone calls, send and receive messages or do whatever you usually do. SportyPal will remain running in the background while you turn it off.

How do I transfer my workouts to the website?

Uploading of the exercises from your mobile phone to your web account is as simple as click on a button. You will be offered to upload the exercise when you finish it, or you can latter upload any exercise that hasn’t been uploaded with a simple click on the ‘upload’ button while listing your exercises.

Do I have to pay anything?

SportyPal is free for use. You can download the mobile application for free and make your free web account.

Can I use it on my IPhone?

Sure! SportyPal is customized to accommodate iPhone usage habits. The iPhone can be found in Apple’s App Store. It can be found here >>

Can I use it on my Android mobile phone?

Sure! SportyPal works perfectly and is customized for Android mobile phones. Download it here >>

Can I use it on my phone?

SportyPal runs on most of the GPS enabled mobile phones. It is tested and customized to the most used Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Balckberry and other Java, Windows Mobile and Symbian models. Also, it works on all IPhone and Andorid models. To check if your phone is GPS enabled you can inspect the model specification
at the manufacturer’s web site, or see if your model is listed on our download page.

What is GPS?

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a navigation technology that provides precise time and location anywhere, anytime and under any atmospheric conditions, by using the NAVSTAR satellites.

How accurate is SportyPal?

Tracking accuracy of SportPal is dependent on the accuracy of the GPS data that it analyses. GPS accuracy is influenced by many factors, such as: atmosphere, the ionosphere and the position of your mobile phone. The same GPS systems and data is used by most of the available vehicle tracking systems and some military services.
SportyPal is optimized to use the GPS data and perform analysis of your fitness performance in the accuracy level of the commonly used sporting equipment and medical equipment used in the clinical research.

52 Comments on “Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Tobias Eriksson Says:

    I’m trying to find SportyPal for iPhone but i can’t find it in App Store. Is there anywhere else i can get my hands on it?

    • SportyPal Says:

      The iPhone version is not available in the App Store at this time, but it will be very soon. We’ll post an update on the blog as soon as it’s there.

  2. Craig Rigby Says:

    Does the Windows Mobile version support non-touch Windows Mobile phones such as the HTC s740?


  3. Harish Sangwan Says:

    Hi..I downloaded the BlackBerry version for my BB Bold, which is in ‘.cod’ format. But when I try to run the file from my phone, I get a message saying that it is an unknown format. help me with the installation.

  4. catherine Williams Says:

    Hi is there any way I can see a google map of where I,m going durring a workout I can only see a compass thing but see google map when I have finished the workout. Also on the workouts I have saved the google map is in different scales on the phone and there does not seem to be a way to zoom in or out.What controls the scale of the map.
    I am using it on a new HTCs740 and everything else seems to work well and is easy to use.

    Many thanks for a great program.

    • SportyPal Says:

      There’s no way to view a live Google map during a workout at this time, at least not in the version that you’re using. It’s a bit tricky to implement this in Windows Mobile.

      As for the map of the finished workout, it’s a static image which can’t be scaled manually.

  5. catherine Williams Says:

    Ok thanks but why are my google maps in different scales. Is it whatever scale I last had google maps in?

  6. catherine Williams Says:

    sorry another question.

    I have tried to log in from the mobile (as I thought I would be able to zoom in on the google maps that way ) I,m not getting anything. Does the website not work on the mobile?

  7. Michel Says:

    Why does the app shows me at the and of the training for example 4.1km and after the upload it is only 3,1km. and the same for average speed, i had 8,5 average but it tells me now 6,1? But if I count the analyse together the average is 8,5. Why?

  8. Gavin Milne Says:

    How are “points” calculated (for the Top 10)?

    How about adding a Top 10 for each method of travel ie running, cycling etc


  9. Frien Says:

    Hi there,

    I noticed the Photo function in sporty pal but photos are not uploaded to my map on the website. How can I how do that? Or isn’t that why there is a Photo function?


    • SportyPal Says:

      The photo function doesn’t do anything yet. A future update should allow you to upload the photos along with the workout they were taken on.

      • Andrew Says:

        Any update on the photo upload option particularly for windows mobile. You have a fantastic application just lacking the one feature to complete – photo’s are a must, PLEASE

  10. Trev Says:

    Hi. Can you please add an activity type of kayaking… unless there is a work around I am not aware of.
    Many thanks.

  11. Marcus Farrar Says:


    Any news on the ability to add photos to a particular work out?


  12. Marcy Says:

    I’m trying to register on my iPhone, and when I enter a 6 digit password, it keeps telling me that my password needs to be larger than 5 characters. What is the problem? Thanks.

    • SportyPal Says:

      Try entering a 7-character password (the text is wrong there, it should say that your password needs to be larger than 6 characters).

  13. Freon Says:

    is there any way to upload the workout without internet connection on my phone device? I mean manually copy the workout file(s) to my PC, where I have the connection and then upload them.

    Thanks in advance.

  14. Todd Says:


    Will Sportypal be updated to enable Iphone os 4 multitasking?

    Thank you

  15. Tim Says:

    I have an existing account with
    Sportypal, and I recently got the iPhone app and can’t seem to log on using my existing account. Is there a way to do this? When I try to log in it says that my password needs to be more than 5 characters when the password I am typing in is actually 6 characters anyway. Thanks for your help!

    • SportyPal Says:

      The error message there is wrong, it should say that your password needs to be more than 6 characters long. You can change your password on the website, in My Profile -> Change Password tab.

  16. Ramon Says:

    Do I have audiofeedback in this app? Thx!

  17. codey Says:

    hey im using the sportypal pro app version on android.. its a great app but i cant figure out how to upload my workouts to facebook. i connected it and all and everytime i click the share with facebook thing it say something about unable to publish workout: the user hasn’t athorized the application to perform this action… what do i do?

    • SportyPal Says:

      Log in to and go to My Profile. Click the Facebook & Twitter tab and click the Connect button for Facebook. Follow the onscreen instructions, and once you’re done you should be able to post your workouts to Facebook.

  18. tosanen Says:

    I have used sportypal on my lousy winmobile 6.1 for some years now and changed to Android which I find to messy compared to iOS, so I got myself an iPhone 4 finally. But the sportypal app is not there anymore. I know it was there, as I downloaded it to my girlfriends 3GS last summer.. Installed runkeeper, liked the voice speaking to you when running, but I liked your app very much..

    • SportyPal Says:

      The latest version of SportyPal for the iPhone is currently awaiting approval in the App Store. It will be available as soon as it passes.

  19. pink floyd Says:

    I just downloaded the sportypal app, I just would like to ask if while running, do you have to have to be connected to the internet via wifi or gprs?

  20. damjanev Says:


    Looks like there is no free iPhone version of the app. Only the SportyPalBike app that sells for $4.99 is there.

  21. pink floyd Says:


    I cant seem to transfer the sportypal program from my phone memory to my SD card. My phone is a LG optimus P500 running on android 2.2 froyo and there is still 4gig space on my SD. I just wanted to ask if there is a way to transfer the program to the SD or is it supposed to be on the phone memory? thanks!

    • SportyPal Says:

      SportyPal cannot be moved to the SD card.

      SportyPal Pro can be moved to the SD card, though it will still use the phone’s memory as storage. This may change at some point.

  22. James K Says:

    I installed SportyPal (.jar) to my Symbian phone, but now I can’t uninstall it! I always gets the message calling “Can’t delete”. Please help me! (And sorry my bad English – I am from Czech Republic)

  23. george Says:

    Android 4,0 for sportypal pro any idea when available

  24. Roman Says:

    voice notifications, heart rate zones and basically no customisation seem to work on my blackberry (bold 9900 + zephyr bluetooth monitor). I have downloaded the free version 2.5 and initiated trial periods for the heart rate add-on and the paid version. Is there any plan to upgrade the blackberry version to match the android one and include at least some audible notifications and a possibility to define and follow HR zones in the forseeable future. Or have you given up on BB?

  25. Cindy Says:

    I bought the heart rate add on from the store. How do I get it onto my sportypal app?

    • SportyPal Says:

      You shouldn’t have to do anything – the add-on should activate on your account automatically. If the application does not acknowledge the add-on, please log out of the application and log in again.

  26. Gustavo Battisti Says:

    Hi, I have been using Sportypal for a long time, but now I’m using a Smartwatch and it doesn’t support it. Do you have plans to update this program to use it with Smartwatchs? I love this program!!! Its the best!! Please!! Thanks!!

  27. Anders Says:

    Been using Sporty Pal some years now, but now i cannot find it on Apples App Store.
    I would lose years of statistics if being forced to change running tracking app… Please give information on the status for the Iphone App!

    • Topor Says:

      I’m in the same situation 😦 I don’t want to go back to android!! Please let us know what’s up with the app for iPhone.

    • PJP Says:

      Same problem. I performed more than 1000 workouts with android and cannot find the iphone version for my new phone.

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