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99-year subscription not showing up

January 10, 2012

We’re glad to see that a lot of you are taking advantage of our limited 99-year subscription offer. Some of you that had subscriptions from before this offer expressed their concerns that the 99-year subscription doesn’t appear in your Subscription/Voucher screen, displaying the previous subscription instead.

We just wanted to tell you not to worry. Your new 99-year subscription will appear when your previous subscription expires. If it doesn’t, log out of the application and log in again. If you are concerned that your 99-year subscription was somehow not activated on your account, either visit the My Vouchers section of the SportyPal Store (if you bought a voucher code) or ask us to check.
Note: the 99-year subscription is no longer available. While it may appear in the store due to a bug, you can no longer buy it.

SportyPal v2.5 released (Java / Blackberry / Symbian)

December 26, 2011

Version 2.5 (Java & Symbian, Blackberry) has been released. Some cool new features have been added in this version


  • Added new Speedometer view.
  • Added a brand new Intervals view. Allows you to set checkpoints in your workout and view stats between checkpoints. Supports 3 modes: Automatic (based either on configurable distance or on configurable time), manual (a new checkpoint is created when you click on the newest checkpoint, like a lap timer) or track (gives results between track checkpoints)
  • Added almost all configurable voice notifications that are available on Android. Some are available without a subscription.
  • Heart-rate zone display now works proplery on all phones.
  • Fixed: Application now fully works on Symbian^3 (and newer versions)
  • Blackberry: Back and Menu icons are no longer visible (the buttons still work)
  • Blackberry: delete button in text field no loger works like back button.
  • Other minor bugfixes

Download SportyPal here  (Choose by Platform, Java Micro Edition or RIM Blackberry)

Summer Competition winners

September 5, 2011

We’ve got the list of the SportyPal Summer Competition’s lucky winners.

NataliaCz, Christian and ian will get a Sony Ericsson MW600 Hi-Fi Wireless Headset with FM Radio.

The following users win a XP110 Sony Ericsson Fitness Experience Pack:


Finally, we have the list of SportyPal Pro one-year subscription winners:

Fra Stewart Fleming
Kacey3 Troy
xhg thvoss
jamie john huie
bags marlicone

The winners will be contacted by e-mail for more details. If you’ve won something but your prize was not delivered, please contact Support.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated.

SportyPal v2.3 released (Java and Blackberry)

July 13, 2011

Version 2.3 (Java/Blackberry) has been released.


* Improved auto-pause algorithm
* Added: New filters which should eliminate extreme GPS errors.
* Added: You can now view actual/remaining distance/time for all goals and tracks.
* Added: You can now change the workout type in the workout details view using the workout type’s icon.
* Added: Track delete option.
* Added: New help menu item in the main screen.
* Added: New Weather feature (can be accessed from the menu of the main screen)
* Added: New white GPS status icon – GPS is completely unavailable and unlikely to become available soon.
* Added: Warning message during workouts if no storage space is avialable.
* Changed: Accessing the workouts for the current month should be easier now.
* Fixed: After pausing and resuming a workout – unable to focus and switch the topmost progress bar on key phones
* Fixed: After acquiring gps and the manual start button is shown, the stop button was not visible.
* Fixed: After finishing a workout, starting another workout will properly reset the progress bars.
* Fixed: Blackberry: “Prevent standby” now works correctly.
* Fixed: Faster workout saving after finishing a workout (much faster on some phones).
* Fixed: Clicking on month in main screen will open the month workout list instead of the year list now.
* Fixed: Matching synced workouts with tracks
* Fixed: Other smaller issues…

Java (J2ME) download is available here:
SportyPalJ2ME.jad (Samsung and LG)
SportyPalJ2ME.jar (Samsung and LG)

Blackberry links:

SportyPalJ2ME.jad – use this link from the phone to install over-the-air

SportyPalJ2ME_BB.alx – (needed to install from PC)
SportyPalJ2ME_BB.cod – (needed to install from PC)

The missing MTB icon (and it’s less-frequently-noticed Road-cycling counterpart)

July 13, 2011

Some of you have been commenting on us removing the MTB (mountain biking) icon from the selectable activity types in SportyPal Pro/v2. We haven’t removed anything, nor is this a bug. Road-cycling and MTB are only available if you have an active trial or SportyPal Pro subscription.

SportyPal Summer Competition is on!

July 13, 2011

If you’ve visited lately, you may have noticed that a new SportyPal competition has started. Click the banner below to enter the competition:

SportyPal Summer Competition

We’re giving away 5 Sony Ericsson XP110 experience packs, 3 SE MW660 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headsets, and 10 one-year SportyPal Pro subscriptions. Once signed in, to get a chance to win one, all you have to do is make and upload workouts from now until September 21. Each public upload grants you competition tickets, and each ticket increases your chances of winning.

Some of you have been asking why you don’t seem to have any tickets, even though you’ve signed in and have been uploading workouts. For a workout to count towards your competition points, you need to set its visibility level to “Everyone”. Also, to prevent abuse, GPX uploads won’t get you any competition tickets.

To set the default visibility level for new workouts, go to My Profile -> Privacy options, select “Everyone” in the “My workouts can be seen by” box, and click the Save Preferences button.

My Profile

My Profile

To set the visibility level for workouts that have already been uploaded, open the workouts list, mark the workouts for which you would like to change the visibility levels, click the Privacy button and select Everyone from the “Share with” pop-up box.

Privacy settings

Privacy settings

Good luck!

“Generic error: could not connect -1”

May 17, 2011

This error code usually appears on Symbian phones when trying to login/register or upload a workout using SportyPal.

Usually, getting this error means that the phone cannot find the way to access the Internet: Wi-Fi is not connected or configured, or the mobile Internet access point is incorrect or not configured.

If this is the case, to resolve this error, you will need to configure a your Wi-Fi or mobile access points. The mobile Internet access point can usually be configured by sending an SMS to a specific number to your mobile carrier to receive a configuration for mobile Internet.