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iPhone SportyPal 1.0.2

March 31, 2010

iPhone users can now update their version of SportyPal by visiting the App Store. Here’s what we changed in the new version:

  • Corrupted workouts fixed. You should be able to upload workouts made with this version (1.0.2).
  • You can now share your workouts on Facebook and Twitter directly. See this post for instructions on how to enable the Facebook sharing feature.
  • All of the workout types that are available on the website are now available on the iPhone.
  • GPS signal fix should be faster.

Screenshot of SportyPal 1.0.2 on the iPhone

Screenshot of SportyPal 1.0.2 on the iPhone

You can use this link to open the SportyPal page in iTunes.

SportyPal 1.7.6 for Android

March 25, 2010

The Android version of SportyPal has been updated. The new update contains UI-related improvements and is mostly intended for new users, though it certainly won’t do anyone any harm to upgrade to this version. Here’s a list of the changes made in this version:

  • Attempting to open the “New Workout” screen now produces a warning if your device’s GPS is disabled, and offers to take you to the screen where you can enable it.  The same goes for the main workout screen, where answering “no” takes you to the main menu.
    • In anticipation of the effects of Murphy’s law, we’ve added a workaround should you somehow register a false positive: answer “yes” in the workout screen dialog, then back out of the dialog. You’ll get the “initializing GPS” box. Of course, it won’t do you any good if the GPS is really off.
  • While we’re on the subject of the “initializing GPS” screen, you will no longer get taken to the “My Workouts” screen if you back out before getting a GPS signal.

You can get this version by searching for “SportyPal” in the Android Market, or you can download it from the download page on our website.

The OS1.5 version of SportyPal has also been updated to 1.7.6. This version of SportyPal is intended for users with devices that are running Android 1.5. In addition to the changes listed above, the OS1.5 version also has the activity type “canoeing” renamed to “rowing”. You can get this version by searching for “SportyPal OS1.5″ in the Android Market, or you can download it directly here.

Note that it’s usually a good idea to restart your device after installing a new version of SportyPal.

SportyPal 1.7.5 for Android

March 17, 2010

The Android version of SportyPal has been updated. The new update contains some minor fixes regarding voice notifications, or if you want to get more specific:

  • Voice fixes:
    • Miles are now reported correctly for values lower than 0.75.
    • Voice now says “crossed in” instead of “crossed for”.
    • Voice no longer pronounces zero as singular.
    • Voice no longer pronounces a trailing “zero seconds”.
  • Changed “canoeing” to “rowing”.

You can get this version by searching for “SportyPal” in the Android Market, or you can download it from the download page on our website.

Note that if you are running SportyPal OS1.5 (the version of SportyPal intended for devices running Android 1.5), that version has not been updated.

SportyPal on Blogs by Dave

March 16, 2010

Blogs by Dave had a post on his experiences with the Android version of SportyPal this weekend.

Check it out here.

SportyPal Java and Blackberry v1.2.2 released

March 10, 2010

New updates of SportyPal for Blackberry and SportyPal for Java (version 1.2.2) are now available.

Changes in v1.2.2 (both Java and Blackberry):
– Fixed overlapping date text on Workout list, Records and Records list screens.
– Fixed the issue of the main screen appearing instead of the last active screen when resuming SportyPal.
– Fixed the wrong distance and speed (miles / mph) reported on the website while using Imperial system.
– Fixed some rare cases where wrong workout start time was reported on the website
– The workout list’s sort menu is now accessible on touchscreen phones.

Changes only in v1.2.2 Blackberry:
– Blackberry phones without a touchscreen do not have the bottom button-bar now. This makes the appearance similar to v1.1

Download the Java version here
Download the Blackberry version here

Windows Mobile SportyPal 1.2.3

March 9, 2010

A new update is now online for Windows Mobile users, fixing several issues present in the previous versions.

Here’s a list of changes made in the new version:

  • The “Turn display off during workout” option now works properly and doesn’t force your display to turn off when it isn’t enabled.
  • Registration results should make a lot more sense now (now more wrong password messages if you didn’t enter the wrong password).
  • Windows Mobile Standard users can now view and use the sharing screen again.
  • Removed the autopause option since it didn’t seem to do much and it was nothing but trouble.
  • Reduced overall memory usage.
  • SportyPal will no longer crash if it encounters a write error during upload (upload will still fail, though).
  • Checkpoints are no longer placed automatically at the beginning and end of a pause section, leading to a NaN value during analysis on the website.
  • Improved error logging to help us find several bugs that users have reported but that we can’t reproduce. Also fixed a potential crash during error logging (the application would have already crashed at that point, but it would’ve prevented the log from being saved).
  • Altitude detection has been improved. Since we suspect that, according to user data, altitude detection may be causing altitude during a workout to “skip” (jump between invalid and valid values), we’ve also added an option to turn it off.
  • Added several improvements in reading workouts from memory.
  • Workouts that do not contain any coordinates will now be removed when you attempt to access them. This will most likely cause SportyPal to crash (gracefully), but then again, you shouldn’t have been able to save that kind of workout anyway. At least it’ll keep the empty workout from causing any more trouble.
  • Implicitly invalid coordinates (all zeroes or out of the map) should no longer bog down a workout as long as you’re receiving something that looks valid, no matter how bad your signal is.
  • Upload confirmations show up properly now, along with a notification if a newer version is available.

Download the CAB here.

Any problems starting this version once you’ve upgraded? Read this.

Note that this is an old version of SportyPal. We’ve decided to keep it around because some of our users have been experiencing issues with the newer versions. If you’re installing SportyPal for the first time or if you’re upgrading from a previous version, you should probably download the newest CAB here.

SportyPal 1.7.4 for Android

March 4, 2010

Since the Android Market can be a little tight on description space, we decided to post the change log for the latest version of SportyPal for Android here. We hope to keep this going with future releases.

Here’s what we changed in 1.7.4:

  • The metric mode voice notifications have been fixed and should now report the correct distance unit.
  • The calorie factors for walking and blading were swapped in previous versions – they’ve been fixed now.
  • Fixed a bug in the profile screen that would display height strangely (i.e. if you entered 6 ft, the next time you loaded the screen it would show 5′ 12″).

The OS1.5 version of SportyPal has also been updated to 1.7.4. This version of SportyPal is intended for users with devices that are running Android 1.5. Here’s what was changed in this version:

  • The changes related to the standard version were also applied in this version (except for the voice notification fixes).
  • The part about the voice notifications was removed from the settings screen to avoid confusion. This version of SportyPal does not feature voice notifications (voice notifications are the reason why the standard version requires at least Android 1.6).
  • You can no longer display the map before starting a workout. This used to cause lots of confusion with users thinking that SportyPal has their location wrong, when in fact it hadn’t even started yet. This fix has been there since 1.7.1 in the standard version, we just neglected to apply it to this version.
  • Additional fixes have been made for Samsung Galaxy Spica users. The workout time should appear correctly now, at least until you try to use the workout editor. Start time and end time will still show up wrong, though, but fixing that (without breaking anything else) would require the sort of massive undertaking that will probably take longer than it will for Samsung to finally release the device update that will hopefully fix all of this.

You can get this version by searching for “SportyPal OS1.5” in the Android Market, or you can download it directly here.