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SportyPal v2.5 released (Java / Blackberry / Symbian)

December 26, 2011

Version 2.5 (Java & Symbian, Blackberry) has been released. Some cool new features have been added in this version


  • Added new Speedometer view.
  • Added a brand new Intervals view. Allows you to set checkpoints in your workout and view stats between checkpoints. Supports 3 modes: Automatic (based either on configurable distance or on configurable time), manual (a new checkpoint is created when you click on the newest checkpoint, like a lap timer) or track (gives results between track checkpoints)
  • Added almost all configurable voice notifications that are available on Android. Some are available without a subscription.
  • Heart-rate zone display now works proplery on all phones.
  • Fixed: Application now fully works on Symbian^3 (and newer versions)
  • Blackberry: Back and Menu icons are no longer visible (the buttons still work)
  • Blackberry: delete button in text field no loger works like back button.
  • Other minor bugfixes

Download SportyPal here  (Choose by Platform, Java Micro Edition or RIM Blackberry)

Workout lists revamped on

December 1, 2011

In the past few days we made a couple of important updates to the way we display workout lists on to address most of the suggestions from our users. It’s one of the most visited pages (our users see it every time they log in to the site), so we decided to add some useful features and fix a couple of annoyances.

First and foremost, indoor workouts are no longer shown on a separate page. Instead, all of your workouts – both indoor and outdoor – are now shown in the “Workouts” page.

Indoor workouts are shown with the usual barbell icon as a workout type. Because indoor workouts have no GPS data, they have no “Track” icon. Instead, they have their name which is shown below the workout’s date:


You may also notice the “Extras” column. It contains icon indicators which tell you if the workout has a certain feature: currently, heart rate data or a track. Outdoor workouts now have 2 privacy settings: one for the workout itself, and an optional stricter one for the location on a map.


You can create an indoor or an outdoor workout by using the tabs “New Outdoor Workout” and “New Indoor workout” in this section:


To reflect this merge, the workout type filter has also been revamped to have both indoor and outdoor types. Unlike the previous filter, now  you can select multiple workout types at the same time. It’s also smarter – it doesn’t show workout types which you haven’t used in the selected date range.


Speaking of the date range, there are now two ways to change it: either by clicking the down-arrow and changing the slider points or by clicking directly on the dates and picking a date using the calendar.


At the end of the list there are some new extra totals now: distance time and calories. These stats change live as you change the date, type and tags filter:


Last but not least, the tags filter has received an important update: it suggests the tags you’ve used in the workouts as you type. Also you can now enter multiple tags separated with a comma:


Additionally, this update will allow us to make the page size expandable soon.

Edit: And here it is: the long awaited expanded page size. You can now toggle between viewing 5 or 10 workouts per page.

We hope that you like the additions and changes that we made to this page. Stay tuned for more.