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Workout maps in Windows Mobile, Java and BlackBerry

August 20, 2009

Some of our users have noticed that they are haven’t been able to view the maps for their newly-made workouts these past few days. This is due to a change in Google’s API that broke compatibility with the Windows Mobile version (this only seems to affect the WM version, be sure to tell us if anything has changed in any of the other versions).

Upgrading to the latest version fixes this.

UPDATE: This also affects the Java version. Download the latest version from here to fix this.

UPDATE: This also affects the BlackBerry version. We’re working on a fix.

Altitude on Windows Mobile devices, revisited

August 14, 2009

We had an entry a while ago about altitude problems with Windows Mobile devices. While we still haven’t found a definite solution to the problem for everyone, there are two things that we wanted you to know:

  1. If you’re having altitude problems, check to see if there are any ROM updates for your device. Updating the device’s firmware has solved this problem for a lot of users.
  2. We’re still working on providing everyone with altitude data, as well as the ability to manually choose the COM port for your GPS unit from within SportyPal.

BlackBerry 8330 Curve

July 28, 2009

A lot of BlackBerry Curve 8330 users are having problems with SportyPal. It seems that the application records data for a while, and then stops and refuses to change any stats aside from the clock.

This sounds an awful lot like the WM sleep bug, but the 8330 doesn’t seem to have a sleep/suspend mode, and the problem doesn’t seem to be linked to the device’s display.

One 8330 even had his BlackBerry freeze while trying to acquire a GPS signal.

Has anyone found a solution to, or does anyone have any idea of what might be causing this?

Motorola Q series

July 15, 2009

Even though update 1.0.5 enabled Windows Mobile Standard users to run SportyPal, we’re told that some devices still can’t.

Most of the complaints we received were regarding the Motorola Q9c. The Q series phones can’t run SportyPal because they have landscape screens, and we can’t find a way to rotate them (unlike other landscape screen devices).

If you’ve found a way to do this, please let us know, since we don’t have any Motorola Qs to test. We’ll keep a list of what we’ve tried so far and what we think you should try next:

  • SportyPal itself – refuses to rotate and displays a warning that it can’t run in landscape mode.
  • Our own rotator app – crashes.
  • RotateMe 1.0 – crashes.
  • AARotate – probably doesn’t work either.

Not tested yet:

Also, we’d like to see if you can assign a hardware button to rotate the screen.

BlackBerry connectivity issues

July 13, 2009

As we’re sure you’ve noticed, the BlackBerry version beta of SportyPal has trouble connecting to the website via GPRS. This was the main reason why we decided to release the beta version: so that we could see if anyone would manage to get it working without WLAN. So far, either no one’s gotten it to work, or they’re keeping to themselves.

Petar suggests that BlackBerry users should try setting up a TCP connection and using that to connect to the Internet. Here are some links with more information on how you can do this:

BlackBerry TCP settings on WikiAnswers
Full Internet access on BlackBerry forums
BlackBerry configuration on QuickIM’s forums

Let us know if any of this works for you.

Verizon VX6800

July 2, 2009

One of our users has reported a bug with their Verizon VX6800 (branded HTC Titan as far as we know, correct us if we’re wrong). It seems that even though they disabled their power saving mode as described in this post, their GPS signal still stops when the screen goes out. Furthermore, they can’t turn the screen back on using the center button, they have to use the power button instead, which probably means that the device has gone to full sleep mode.

We can’t think of any reason why this would be happening other than the display screen being somehow linked to the power button. This way, when SportyPal turns of the screen, the entire phone goes to sleep mode.

Has anybody else encountered this problem and have you found a way around it?

Sleep mode in Windows Mobile

June 15, 2009

Early into the developement of the Windows Mobile version of SportyPal, we noticed an interesting feature of the operating system that bugs us to this day: even if there is work actively being done by an application (such as, for example, recording the coordinates of a GPS-tracked workout), the device will go to sleep mode if it’s set to do so and you don’t press any keys in the meantime. Unfortunately for us, sleep mode also kills the GPS signal, and we don’t want this to happen during a workout. To work around this without having to tell the users to change their power settings for every workout, SportyPal disables sleep mode during workouts (where having a constant GPS fix is obviously pretty important) and handles the screen state itself. So far, so good. But there are two problems that remain:

First, if you press the power button to turn the screen off, the device goes to sleep and your signal is lost. Don’t do this during a workout, the screen will turn itself off pretty soon, and you can turn it back on by pushing any button on your device.

Second, unlike the devices that we tested on, some devices completely ignore our attempts to disable sleep mode and sleep anyway. Over the next few CAB updates, we’ll be looking for a way to disable sleep mode for all Windows Mobile devices. However, since we can’t test if this works (we haven’t had any problems with this on our devices to begin with), we’ll need your input to tell us if what we’re doing is any good.

Until we sort this out, users with the auto-sleep problem are going to have to set their power settings manually. To do this, go to Start -> Settings -> System -> Power -> Advanced and uncheck the “turn off device if not used for…” option.

Power Settings

Power Settings