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SportyPal 2.0 Beta 2 for Java

November 24, 2010

Beta 2 has been released!

– Experimental live (while in-workout) and post-workout OpenStreetMap maps with zooming, panning and following in-workout. On non-touchscreen phones, use the num pad to navigate the map: 2/4/6/8 to pan, 1/2 to zoom in/out, 5 to follow GPS (in workout).
– Better error messages when registration, logging in or uploading fail.
– Better key-based navigation: soft-keys now have shortcuts, workout list has simplified navigation. Workout can now be paused/stopped using soft keys which fixes the bug (being unable to pause/stop the workout).
– Sorting in the workout list is remembered and always applied.
– Hopefully, the problem with the phone reporting that the JAR file is invalid has been fixed.

Download it here:

SportyPal 2.0 Free Beta for Java now available

November 12, 2010

This is an early preview beta of the upcoming SportyPal 2.0 for Java. Almost all of the free features have been implemented.

It’s available for download at the following links:


It supports all screen resolutions up to 800×480, both portrait and landscape, and should even work on screens smaller than 320×240. However, it must adjust itself to the resolution of your phone when you run it for the first time, so the first run might take a couple of minutes.

You should be aware that this is still a somewhat early beta. All features that are currently implemented are completely usable on our devices, but we can’t guarantee anything about devices that we don’t have. Please report any bugs that you may find using the support form (make sure to mention that this is about the SportyPal 2.0 beta for Java), and feel free to comment here or on the forum.

Among other things, SportyPal 2.0 for Java can now share your workouts on Facebook or Twitter directly from your device. To share workouts you need to connect your SportyPal account to your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts by logging in to, going to My Profile, clicking the Facebook & Twitter tab, clicking the appropriate Connect button(s) and following the onscreen instructions.

We welcome all feedback 🙂

Beta trials reset

November 2, 2010

For those of you that have been using the SportyPal Pro beta versions on Windows Mobile and Android, all trial periods have been reset. You may now request a new trial period in SportyPal Pro.