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Featured workouts

October 29, 2009

If you visited the Community page today, you may have noticed a new addition: featured workouts.

Featured workouts

Featured workouts

The featured workouts window will be periodically updated by the SportyPal staff to feature impressive-looking public workouts that we come across.

iPhone SportyPal 1.0.1

October 27, 2009

IPhone users can now update their version of SportyPal by visiting the App Store.

This update fixes several bugs found in the initial version, including:

  • Workouts becoming corrupt so that you can no longer upload them.
  • The time display starting several hours in.
  • The inability to select the correct workout type.

You can use this link to open the SportyPal page in iTunes.

SportyPal on Jouke

October 9, 2009

We thought we’d feature one of our users’ blogs. Jouke (the entire blog is in Dutch) is an avid runner and a recent SportyPal user, and he makes heavy use of‘s “Embed workout” feature to report on his workouts.

This would be a good time to mention that you can now resize the embedded workout frame (just change the “width” and “height” values in the provided embedding code).

Maps now available in full screen mode

October 8, 2009

Some of our users have said that our workout maps are a bit small. Now you can view the workout map, including the graphs in full screen (well, as full as the browser window) using a new button in the map display.

The full screen button

The full screen button

BlackBerry SportyPal 1.1 beta

October 5, 2009

A new update for BlackBerry users is now available for download. Visit the download page to get it.
This update fixes an issue that causes your device to upload incorrect values (distance, average speed…) when using the imperial unit system.

NullReferenceException on upload (Windows Mobile)

October 5, 2009

Some of our users have been having issues with some of their workouts causing SportyPal to crash when they attempt to upload them. SportyPal would crash with an additional message saying “The error could not be logged (NullReferenceException)”.

If you’ve encountered this issue, don’t worry. Your workout data is OK, safe and sound inside your device. The next update to SportyPal (coming very soon) will allow you to upload the affected workouts.

In case you’re interested, this happens because it is possible (we still don’t know how) to create a workout that causes SportyPal to pack it into an infinitely large file for upload, causing the device to run out of memory. Though we haven’t found a way to create such a workout ourselves, we’ve tested the fix with another user’s data, so it should work for everyone.

A note to iPhone users

October 1, 2009

The iPhone version that’s currently online has an issue that may corrupt a new workout. This usually occurs if you quit the application after ending a workout, but before answering the upload prompt. To ensure that your workouts are fine, it’s best to wait for the post-workout screen to show up before pushing the button to go back to your iPhone’s home screen.

We’ve corrected this, but the updated version has to be approved before it is made available. Until then, try to avoid leaving the application before answering the upload question.

SportyPal on Trent Sense’s netcast

October 1, 2009

SportyPal was mentioned on Trent Sense’s netcast on YouTube a while ago. Here’s the video if you want to see it:

Connect to Facebook

October 1, 2009

Android users should already know this, but we thought we’d tell everyone. You can now connect your SportyPal account to your Facebook account. Why should you do this?

Connecting to Facebook allows SportyPal to share workouts on your Facebook wall directly after uploading them from your device.

To connect your SportyPal account to Facebook, log in to the SportyPal website, go to “My Profile” and click the Facebook & Twitter tab. You’ll get several dialogs from Facebook asking you to give SportyPal permission to post to your wall. After you’ve confirmed the dialogs, you’re all set to go.

The Facebook & Twitter tab

If you change your mind, you can also revoke SportyPal’s permission to post to your wall. There are two ways to do this:

  • If you have any unwanted SportyPal posts on your Facebook wall, go to your profile and hover over the post, which should cause a “Remove” button to appear in the upper right corner of the post. Click on this button, and you’ll get the following dialog box:
    Facebook deletion dialogCheck the box before clicking “Delete” to revoke SportyPal’s posting permission.
  • You can also go to “Settings” (upper bar, right side) and choose “Application Settings” from the drop-down menu. From the “Show” drop-down box on the right side, choose Allowed to Post. Under the “Allowed to Post Short Stories without Prompting” header, you should see SportyPal. Click “Edit Settings”. You can set SportyPal’s permissions under the “Additional Permissions” tab.
    Facebook Application Settings

If you change your mind again and you want to allow SportyPal to post to your wall, simply repeat the steps you took to connect your account: go to “My Profile” on the website and click the “Facebook” tab.

Just a reminder that there’s a SportyPal page and a SportyPal fans group on Facebook.