SportyPal 2.1.1 for Android

A new update to SportyPal for Android is now available in the Play Store, Here’s what we’ve changed since the last update:

  • Added Pocket Change integration. You will now earn Pocket Change tokens for every day that you use SportyPal.
  • Fixed the screen going to sleep even if the Keep screen on option is active on some devices (sorry about that).
  • ANT+ sensor fixes. It should be easier to reconnect ANT+ sensors if they drop out during your workout now.
  • The Facebook settings screen now has an explanation for the account connection process and what to do if your posts stop appearing.
  • Crash fixes.

Additionally, version 2.1.1 fixes several issues present in version 2.1, which was available for a very short time:

  • Synchronization now works correctly.
  • Attempting to rotate the first screen no longer crashes the app.
  • Android 1.6 users can now install the update.

You can find SportyPal by searching for it on Google Play, or by scanning the QR code displayed here.

Note that if you are upgrading from a beta version of SportyPal Pro, you must first uninstall the previous version before installing this one.

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15 Comments on “SportyPal 2.1.1 for Android”

  1. Henry Jacobsen Says:

    Just did the uograde. Still wont sync. What subscription?

  2. Henry Jacobsen Says:

    How do I kbow if I have a beta version?

    • SportyPal Says:

      Check the version number. If it’s lower than 1.0 (e.g. 0.9), it’s a beta version.

      You can also upload all of your workouts, then upgrade to the latest version. If it crashes on startup, you’ve probably updated from the beta version and are going to have to remove it and install it again anyway.

  3. carlofolini Says:

    Upgraded to 2.1.1 (I have a pro subscription)… I did a workout this evening… Sp closed abruptly, then I restarted it and got it working for the rest of the workout. The crashed workout is no longer visible. Also I got a message sticking around of some .png image, I had to click the back button a couple of time

    • SportyPal Says:

      Have you sent a report on the crash to the Play Store? Since we cannot reproduce the issue, this is the simplest way for us to diagnose and fix it for the next update.

      The progress dialog referring to a PNG file was probably Pocket Change trying to give you your daily token reward. Did it take a significant amount of time for the Pocket Change dialog to appear?

      • carlofolini Says:

        I didn’t receive a prompt to send infos to the play store.
        I’m not 100% sure, but the .png message was displayed after the Pocket Change dialog

  4. markande Says:

    I see that the latest version on Android now needs subscription to sync with web account. I still have version 1.7 which allows free upload to web. Are you going to allow uploading to web from version 1.7 going forward?

    IMO, I think even for version 2.1 upload to web should be free, as it is a very basic feature that maintains stickiness of the application.

    • SportyPal Says:

      Uploading workouts does not require a subscription and is completely free. We have no intention of changing this in the foreseeable future.

  5. seppppp Says:

    Hey guys!

    I like your app, becaus it features my Xperia Active very well with ant+ and pressure sensor. Today I did my fist workout with the 2.11 trial version and it worked quite well exept one thing: The altitude was wrong. It had a very big öffset, for example it displayed -45009 meters where it should have displayed approx. 1050m of altitude. Endomondo instead was always showing the correct altitude on the same device. Yesterday at a test Sportypal showed the correct altitude.
    Can you help me to fix this? Does Sportypal use the included barometer to calculate the altitude?


    • SportyPal Says:

      SportyPal uses the barometer to determine your altitude on the Xperia active.

      For more details, open SportyPal and to to Settings -> Altitude settings. The User barometer option should be active. The barometer needs to be calibrated before use, so we’ve added two calibration options:
      -Server-assisted requires an active data connection at the start of the workout and works by getting your location’s altitude from a web service when it gets a GPS location and using that altitude as a basis for the values from the pressure sensor.
      -GPS-assisted uses the altitude value received via GPS as a basis for the values from the pressure sensor.

      The server-assisted option should be somewhat more accurate. If both options are active, SportyPal will try the server-assisted method and fall back to GPS-assisted if that fails. You can click the Preview button to see what these options do for your altitude calculations. If all else fails, you can turn off the autocalibration options and use the Offset field to manually get to your starting altitude (if you know what your location’s altitude is).

  6. Jaap Nuesink Says:


    I have been using Sportypal for some time now and just upgraded to a subscription.

    A few problems that I encounter:

    – When trying to input the actual data from an indoor excersice I have troubles operating the turning wheels, almost impossible to input the correct data and no possibility to do this by keyboard.

    When I change the data to the correct data on the website I get the job done but this is not synced back to the phone. Eventhough I synchronised manualy.

    – Deleting a workout
    I tried to do this but on the web site it is impossible to delete the single workout because when I say save it comes back with an error message that I have not made an input. Very anoying.

    On the phone however I did get this trial exercise deleted but on the website it remains…..

    I have done several indoor trainings that also show up in my workouts list. Yesterday I did a training on the eliptical trainer and it showed up in the list (incorectly but that I corected manualy) but I can not see it in the results. Very irritating! The other manualy entered indoor trainings I can see in my results.Later trainings however did apear again so a bit strange.

    On one training I accidently added a incorect track, I can not find how to remove that from this training.

    Today I used the program with the heart rate sensor of Polar.

    Pairing the sensor with the phone took some time but that worked.

    In sportypal i started the the test in the indoor workoutsmenu and it gave the heart rate perfectly. No problem there to.

    Than I started a indoor workout (eliptical trainer) it did work however on the screen it showed no heart rate. Some time the program did say something, very difficult to understand but I did hear fat burn but the orher therms where very difficult to decipher.

    My preset minimum and maximum heartrate did give no alarms however in the test mode it worked perfectly.

    The biggest problem I have is that I can not see the heart rate in the screen. That is what I wanted and where I paid for. Also when checking on the website I could not find back the heart rate over the time something I had expected.

    I tried a outdoor workout, not actually training but to see if that works, and I could actually see the heartrate in the screen at that time. Tried several times again for an indoor workout but it simply does not show the heart rate.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug.

    Thanks for any comments.

    • Jaap Nuesink Says:


      Another test with the heart rate sensor today, outdoor training.

      I did test the heart rate sensor and set an upper and lower limit. I started mny workout, GPS locked, today is your day.

      Running no messages anymore on how far I was so I already got suspicious and the only message I did get from the phone was that the different heart rate zones. Interesting but no beeps when the heart rate was over my pre set limits.

      After I was back I checked and was very disapointed over the performance. Only part of the track was recorded however the total time was correct so where do things go wrong?? Secondly it seems strange to me that my heart rate would be that high for such a long period. I do get the feeling that the hearrate was not monitored correctly during the whole workout. Having a heart rate of 170 for a long time while the max is 174 seems strange. Again never the beeps for the preset alarms.

      After uploading I tried to correct the track but it became a big mess and the data are far from correct. I think you understand that I am not happy.

      I hope you do have a solution for me onther wise I will need to return my heartrate sensor and I do need to cancel the subscription because in this way this does not help me at all and I can better go back to the non subscription mode where things worked as they should.

      Hope to hear from you!

      • Jaap Nuesink Says:


        Repeated another test reading a lot on the problems with Polar and applying the advices that I did get worked. Also the Phone needs to be cleared (so not a lot of programms running) otherwise this is an issue. Anyway outdoor training did go as it should be.

      • Jaap Nuesink Says:

        Did a few workouts outdoor, no real problems with the app and heart rate belt. I can still not set an alarm for preset heart rates:

        – in the test mode it works, when the heart rate is below the level I do get the alarm but not only on my headphones also on the speaker. That is strange and not wanted.

        – During training the alarms do no longer work. When crossing a heartrate zone I do get the notification and I have been able to workout what the voice actually says but that problem might be related to the phone. Anyway the pre-set alarms do not work in the actual training mode.

        Indoor training; tried several times but it does not work correct as described previously.
        – The heartrate does not appear and you only get the voice notifications.
        – The upload is possible but on the phone you cannot set the actual distance etc. The uploaded values are really crap.

        I tried to change the body weight again and it seemed to work. When I input the weight for today it was fine than I did enter the weight for a few days ago and corrected the date it came out all wrong because the new input was the latest according to the website. This is not really a concern for me but when it is on the product it should work.

        Hope to hear anything from you guys.

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