SportyPal Java and Blackberry v1.2.2 released

New updates of SportyPal for Blackberry and SportyPal for Java (version 1.2.2) are now available.

Changes in v1.2.2 (both Java and Blackberry):
– Fixed overlapping date text on Workout list, Records and Records list screens.
– Fixed the issue of the main screen appearing instead of the last active screen when resuming SportyPal.
– Fixed the wrong distance and speed (miles / mph) reported on the website while using Imperial system.
– Fixed some rare cases where wrong workout start time was reported on the website
– The workout list’s sort menu is now accessible on touchscreen phones.

Changes only in v1.2.2 Blackberry:
– Blackberry phones without a touchscreen do not have the bottom button-bar now. This makes the appearance similar to v1.1

Download the Java version here
Download the Blackberry version here

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5 Comments on “SportyPal Java and Blackberry v1.2.2 released”

  1. Jez Says:

    Excellent News!
    All the issues I’ve had are fixed. 🙂

  2. Hafonso Says:

    When uploading one workout, on java 1.2.1 there was a memory error, and I couldn’t re upload it again. I updated to v1.2.2 but still can’t do the upload, it seems like the workout is locked. Is there any way to upload it? Alsow don’t know where in the phone are the workouts saved, it would be nice if we could move the workout to the computer and upload them after, probably It would be a way to solve this upload problems by phone. Thanks and keep the good work. Love a lot SportyPal I take the phone with me in all outdoor workout’s.

    • SportyPal Says:

      Sounds like the workout data got corrupted somehow. Can you check the map and (more importantly) workout speed graph on the phone? If you can see the workout graph and it looks okay, the coordinates are probably there and it might be possible to fix it – but if it looks broken or incorrect, its very likely that the data was lost.

      • Hafonso Says:

        No, I can’t check map and and the graphs of that workout.
        Well that workout I put it on the website doing it by hand with edit tool, it took some time, and I lost the speed and altitude data but making that I could keep my goals actualized. Thanks.

  3. Roberto Says:

    BB 8310 – Nuova versione funziona bene, salvo il solito problema…è impossibile caricare il lavoro effettuato sul Web.
    Tutti gli allenamenti, rimangono solo sul telefono

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