Windows Mobile SportyPal 1.2.3

A new update is now online for Windows Mobile users, fixing several issues present in the previous versions.

Here’s a list of changes made in the new version:

  • The “Turn display off during workout” option now works properly and doesn’t force your display to turn off when it isn’t enabled.
  • Registration results should make a lot more sense now (now more wrong password messages if you didn’t enter the wrong password).
  • Windows Mobile Standard users can now view and use the sharing screen again.
  • Removed the autopause option since it didn’t seem to do much and it was nothing but trouble.
  • Reduced overall memory usage.
  • SportyPal will no longer crash if it encounters a write error during upload (upload will still fail, though).
  • Checkpoints are no longer placed automatically at the beginning and end of a pause section, leading to a NaN value during analysis on the website.
  • Improved error logging to help us find several bugs that users have reported but that we can’t reproduce. Also fixed a potential crash during error logging (the application would have already crashed at that point, but it would’ve prevented the log from being saved).
  • Altitude detection has been improved. Since we suspect that, according to user data, altitude detection may be causing altitude during a workout to “skip” (jump between invalid and valid values), we’ve also added an option to turn it off.
  • Added several improvements in reading workouts from memory.
  • Workouts that do not contain any coordinates will now be removed when you attempt to access them. This will most likely cause SportyPal to crash (gracefully), but then again, you shouldn’t have been able to save that kind of workout anyway. At least it’ll keep the empty workout from causing any more trouble.
  • Implicitly invalid coordinates (all zeroes or out of the map) should no longer bog down a workout as long as you’re receiving something that looks valid, no matter how bad your signal is.
  • Upload confirmations show up properly now, along with a notification if a newer version is available.

Download the CAB here.

Any problems starting this version once you’ve upgraded? Read this.

Note that this is an old version of SportyPal. We’ve decided to keep it around because some of our users have been experiencing issues with the newer versions. If you’re installing SportyPal for the first time or if you’re upgrading from a previous version, you should probably download the newest CAB here.

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4 Comments on “Windows Mobile SportyPal 1.2.3”

  1. Wojtek Kasinski Says:

    Does this update install or change any windows system files or registry entries as I have found that this installation has corrupted my GPS on my WM6.1 Xperia X1a! When I attempt to run ANY GPS dependant application since this installation, the phone freezes and needs to be rebooted by removing the battery! 😦

    • SportyPal Says:

      SportyPal (any version) doesn’t change any system settings during installation, and any registry entries it adds are self-contained and can’t corrupt anything.

      We haven’t encountered this issue ourselves, but some searching reveals that it could be caused by a bad QuickGPS update, and that the workaround is to delete Temp\xtra.bin and Windows\xtra.bin, then reset the device. Let us know if this does the trick.

      • Wojtek Kasinski Says:

        BRILLIANT WORK! That has certainly fixed the problem! Thank you Sportypal for all your help!

        I’m looking forward to test-driving the new version on my weekend trek! Thank you Sportypal for all your excellent work on this program! 🙂

  2. fards Says:

    I’m finding that the graph is wrong on this version.
    In cycling mode maximum speed isn’t showing on the graph at all right.
    for example my last ride (today) shows on the graph inside teh winmo app that I hit 35.3km/h in the first 2km which is right, but then showed all subsequent speed as much below that.

    looking at my speeds on the graph on the website shows that the speeds are correct there with a maximum speed of 61 km, so sportypal is recording properly, just not showing the in-app graph correctly.


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