SportyPal 1.7.4 for Android

Since the Android Market can be a little tight on description space, we decided to post the change log for the latest version of SportyPal for Android here. We hope to keep this going with future releases.

Here’s what we changed in 1.7.4:

  • The metric mode voice notifications have been fixed and should now report the correct distance unit.
  • The calorie factors for walking and blading were swapped in previous versions – they’ve been fixed now.
  • Fixed a bug in the profile screen that would display height strangely (i.e. if you entered 6 ft, the next time you loaded the screen it would show 5′ 12″).

The OS1.5 version of SportyPal has also been updated to 1.7.4. This version of SportyPal is intended for users with devices that are running Android 1.5. Here’s what was changed in this version:

  • The changes related to the standard version were also applied in this version (except for the voice notification fixes).
  • The part about the voice notifications was removed from the settings screen to avoid confusion. This version of SportyPal does not feature voice notifications (voice notifications are the reason why the standard version requires at least Android 1.6).
  • You can no longer display the map before starting a workout. This used to cause lots of confusion with users thinking that SportyPal has their location wrong, when in fact it hadn’t even started yet. This fix has been there since 1.7.1 in the standard version, we just neglected to apply it to this version.
  • Additional fixes have been made for Samsung Galaxy Spica users. The workout time should appear correctly now, at least until you try to use the workout editor. Start time and end time will still show up wrong, though, but fixing that (without breaking anything else) would require the sort of massive undertaking that will probably take longer than it will for Samsung to finally release the device update that will hopefully fix all of this.

You can get this version by searching for “SportyPal OS1.5” in the Android Market, or you can download it directly here.

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3 Comments on “SportyPal 1.7.4 for Android”

  1. pete Says:

    How come this version did not recognize my prior installation (1.6?). My registration data and workouts were ignored.

  2. Allan Says:

    Is there a way to turn off the voice notification. It is incorrectly reporting the mileage. It reports crossing 2 miles when I am at 2.3 miles, 3 miles when I am at 3.5 miles, etc.

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