How to report a bug

To report a bug you’ve found in SportyPal or, follow this link.

None of the fields on the page are required to send a bug report, but the more information you give us, the easier it will be for us to fix the bug. If you choose to enter your e-mail address, we will not use it for anything other than to contact you when we have resolved your bug or found a workaround.

25 Comments on “How to report a bug”

  1. M.Hamdy Says:

    I can’t use any version of sportyPal on my Sony Erricsson Xperia X1 after I have updated its ROM from the official site of Sony Erricson. It seems it can’t connect with internet at all. The software is working nice on my Samsung i900. I have noticed a bug in the new version 1.04text i.e the “Walking” is not appearing while selecting new Workout.

    • SportyPal Says:

      We know about the 1.0.4 walking bug.

      As for the X1, we have one of those, so we’ll try updating the ROM tomorrow and we’ll see what happens.

  2. arnold valk Says:


    I have installed sportypal 1.04 on my HTC S730 and I am using an official TOMTOM extrenal gps MKII.
    When I start the progam it doesnt initialize the GPS.
    The tomtom gps mous is connected to my telephone and linked.
    Does sportypal then automaticly pick that up to use a external mouse, because I can’t change this in the settings.
    Is it a must to use a secondly programm to run together with sportypal to use the external gps mouse ?

    • SportyPal Says:

      Though external GPS is not officially supported by SportyPal, several users have reported that it has worked for them. We haven’t tried it ourselves, but we suggest that you try changing your external GPS settings as described in this post.

      We’re for more curious as to how you managed to get that far on an S730. Isn’t that a Windows Mobile Standard device?

      • arnold valk Says:

        Thanks for the quick answer,

        I just installed the cab file which i downloaded from your side.

        Windows Mobile version 1.0.4
        This version is intended for Windows Mobile Professional users with screen resolutions anywhere between 320×240 and 800×480.

        Users running versions of Windows Mobile prior to Windows Mobile 6 may need to install version 2.0 of the .NET Compact Framework.

        SportyPal CAB for Windows Mobile

        I dont have any gps option in my phone, I can only connect my gps mouse via bluetooth and that is that. No further options that can be altered.

        Do you know what users where it works have altered ?

  3. arnold valk Says:

    I just found the option where I can change the com poort settings.
    Is there a preferred com poort for sportypal ????

  4. arnold valk Says:

    sportypal still doenst find my external gps, and have tried different com poorts. Can I also choose the com poort at sportypal, or is there a standaard port I need to use ?

    • SportyPal Says:

      What about GPS Test? You should set your GPS port at Settings -> System -> External GPS. COM port 4 is usually the one that’s used for GPS.

      • arnold valk Says:

        I have an external gps mousee (tomtom MKII) and a HTC S730.
        TOMTOM works on my htc and it finds my GPS mouse without problems.
        SPORTYPAL cant find my GPS mouse. Is it working with extrenal gps mouse ?

  5. Michel Says:

    It is not possible for me to add checkpoint or to edit the track… because I have a long distance where the GPS signal was lost, but I want to add it… it does not work…

    • SportyPal Says:

      You can only add checkpoints where there are coordinates. Since we don’t have timestamps for the missing coordinates, we can’t make up any stats in between.

  6. Gavin Milne Says:

    Dont wuite understand points, to determine the Top 10. Can you explain how they are calculated?

    How about a Top 10 for each mode ie cycling, running?


  7. Jan Hein Says:

    I find in 1.07 that in my workouts (in the overview) the distance is shown behind the label Time: and time is shown behind ‘Distance:’. It seems that the average pace is not calculated as it shows 00:00 min/km. It did show a value directly after the workout (before the upload).

    Jan Hein

  8. Time stopping Says:

    I´m using NokiaSportsTracker, but there were not many users, so I tried this software, it is fine, but I missed the “time stopping” function, when I´m not moving. The averege speed would be more accurate.

    Wold be possible add this function in the future? THX

  9. Paul Says:

    On a TMobile Touch Pro 2 in WP6. LOVE the software. In case you’re not already aware, on the ‘my workout’ screen on the mobile, the text for ‘time’ and ‘distance’ are reversed (time shows distance, distance shows time).

  10. JOHNBOY Says:

    It worked on a HTC Maple S521/522 but was buggy in the menus. Maybe because this is a non touch htc device in landscape mode and flipping it screws things up. The menus stay red even after you scroll away from them. The functions seem to work fine though, although it was a pain in the ass to have to hold a landscape qwerty device in portrait mode.

    HTC Maple/Snap
    Winmo 6.1

  11. JOHNBOY Says:

    On the HTC Maple/Snap it seems to die out after a few minutes. If you check my link, I actually did 2 laps around that track but it died out halfway through. I even turned off the screen blanking but it still blanked the screen. When I checked it after one lap it was still running and showing my movement but it failed to register on the GPX. I think it has to do with the device going to sleep or or the screen blanking.

    • SportyPal Says:

      See if you can disable your device’s power savings mode (Start -> Settings -> System -> Power -> Advanced).

  12. carlos Says:

    How can I see my workout in the pc? I only can see it in the mobil (a Nokia N78).

    • SportyPal Says:

      You cannot send your workouts directly to your PC. You must first upload them to the SportyPal website. Then you can download your workouts from the website in GPX format.

  13. Eric Wannemacher Says:

    I’ve downloaded and installed both the regular and the pro versions onto my Motorola Atrix. I am unable to select an activity on either version; they just keep scrolling by when I tap on one.

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