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Square screens (Windows Mobile)

July 4, 2009

Just a quick note to everyone that’s using or planning on using the Windows Mobile version of SportyPal on a square screen device.

Aside from the slight visual glitch of having the header images appear in the wrong place, there’s a slightly more annoying bug. The right button on the status bar (usually used to back out of certain screens) doesn’t work when you click on it. Instead, it’s triggered when you tap a little to the left of it. You can still trigger the same button by using your device’s right hardware button.

Thanks to Vince and Eugene for helping us figure this out.

Verizon VX6800

July 2, 2009

One of our users has reported a bug with their Verizon VX6800 (branded HTC Titan as far as we know, correct us if we’re wrong). It seems that even though they disabled their power saving mode as described in this post, their GPS signal still stops when the screen goes out. Furthermore, they can’t turn the screen back on using the center button, they have to use the power button instead, which probably means that the device has gone to full sleep mode.

We can’t think of any reason why this would be happening other than the display screen being somehow linked to the power button. This way, when SportyPal turns of the screen, the entire phone goes to sleep mode.

Has anybody else encountered this problem and have you found a way around it?

Problems starting the new version

June 23, 2009

Some of you have reported problems starting the new version of SportyPal for Windows Mobile after overwriting the previous one.  We had some similiar problems when we uploaded the latest version, but we thought we’d corrected them. So, even though we don’t know exactly what’s wrong, we have some suggestions:

First, try running SportyPal again. Sometimes the first run fails, but subsequent runs are OK.

If that doesn’t work, go to the SportyPal folder (typically /Program Files/SportyPal/), and select “Show All Files” from the right side or context menu. Select all of the files (but not the folders) and delete them. Now try installing and running SportyPal again.

Sleep mode in Windows Mobile

June 15, 2009

Early into the developement of the Windows Mobile version of SportyPal, we noticed an interesting feature of the operating system that bugs us to this day: even if there is work actively being done by an application (such as, for example, recording the coordinates of a GPS-tracked workout), the device will go to sleep mode if it’s set to do so and you don’t press any keys in the meantime. Unfortunately for us, sleep mode also kills the GPS signal, and we don’t want this to happen during a workout. To work around this without having to tell the users to change their power settings for every workout, SportyPal disables sleep mode during workouts (where having a constant GPS fix is obviously pretty important) and handles the screen state itself. So far, so good. But there are two problems that remain:

First, if you press the power button to turn the screen off, the device goes to sleep and your signal is lost. Don’t do this during a workout, the screen will turn itself off pretty soon, and you can turn it back on by pushing any button on your device.

Second, unlike the devices that we tested on, some devices completely ignore our attempts to disable sleep mode and sleep anyway. Over the next few CAB updates, we’ll be looking for a way to disable sleep mode for all Windows Mobile devices. However, since we can’t test if this works (we haven’t had any problems with this on our devices to begin with), we’ll need your input to tell us if what we’re doing is any good.

Until we sort this out, users with the auto-sleep problem are going to have to set their power settings manually. To do this, go to Start -> Settings -> System -> Power -> Advanced and uncheck the “turn off device if not used for…” option.

Power Settings

Power Settings

A note to users upgrading from WM 1.0

June 10, 2009

If you’re upgrading from version 1.0 of SportyPal for Windows Mobile, you may have noticed that during the installation you weren’t warned that the previous version would be uninstalled. You also may have noticed that SportyPal is now listed twice in the Remove Programs menu (Settings -> System -> Remove Programs).

This is somewhat of an anomaly, but it causes absolutely no harm to anything. The program is not actually doubled in memory, and everything is in the same place.  Removing either of these will uninstall SportyPal, but not the other entry. Nothing bad will happen if you remove the other entry after that.

Wrong password?

June 9, 2009

A few of our users have reported that they are unable to register their devices with the website. Their devices display an error message (usually that the password is wrong) and doesn’t let them upload any workouts, but at the same time you get a “thank you for registering” e-mail and they can access the site with the same account.

If you are experiencing this problem, it is probably due to your mobile device accessing the web through a proxy server. The SportyPal server receives the data from your device and sends an OK signal back to it, but when that signal goes through the proxy, it changes it so that the mobile devices thinks that the site rejected the user data.

We’re trying to work around this, but here’s what you can try in the meantime:

  • Ensure that your device is actually connected when you’re trying to send. Test your connection, visit or any website that you know is running at the moment to see if everything is OK with your connection.
  • Are you using a GPRS connection to access the Internet? Try Wi-Fi or WLAN if your device supports it.
  • Does your mobile network have a filter for undesirable content? If so, they may have blacklisted Check to see if you can disable this filter and if this fixes the problem. Even better, tell your network provider that is not a harmful website!
  • Can you disable the proxy altogether? If you do and you find that you still can’t register or upload workouts, then this is likely another problem completely.

Note that if you do manage to register by temporarily disabling your proxy, you can still upload workouts. The device will report that the upload failed, but check the website, and you’ll see that your workout has been uploaded.

UPDATE: As of today (9.6.2009) we have resolved this problem for some users, mostly with the help of Mike Bearne and Edo Donkers, two members of the SportyPal community who pretty much did everything that we asked of them to help us get to the bottom of this issue. So, if the above workarounds didn’t help, you may want to try registering and/or uploading again.  We’re working on fixing this problem for everyone, and we’ll send you an update as soon as we have something.

We are still interested on hearing from you if you can’t register or upload workouts, so post your problem on, and be sure to tell us what device you’re using and what network you’re on.

Altitude on Windows Mobile devices

May 28, 2009

Some of you that are using the Windows Mobile version of SportyPal may have noticed that the altitude graph on the website always shows your altitude as having a value of zero.

This is a known issue with Windows Mobile’s GPS Intermediate Driver and there’s most likely nothing you can do about it. For most Windows Mobile devices, the altitude recorded is always zero. We’ve read about people working around this by manually configuring the GPS driver, but we’ve never had much success with it on our devices.

If you want to give it a go, go to Start -> Settings -> System -> External GPS. In the Access tab, uncheck the “Manage GPS automatically” option, then choose a port and baud rate in the other tabs.

Screen 1 Screen 2

Be sure to write in if this actually works for you.

HTC Touch Cruise stalls

May 27, 2009

One of our users had a problem with SportyPal on his HTC Touch Cruise, where several minutes into his workout they found that the clock had stopped counting and that none of the stats were updated. After that, the clock resumed as normal.

This seems like a pretty random occurence. The Touch Cruise is a pretty powerful device and it should have no problems running SportyPal. This could be a GPS-related issue, or an issue with other software running on the phone, so we can’t really think of anything helpful to say without testing the device itself.

However, if anyone reading this has had similar experiences, either with the Touch Cruise or with another device, please write in and tell us about the problem, especially if you’ve had success in solving it.

UPDATE: it is more than likely that this is due to the auto-sleep bug. Refer to that post for updates on what we’re doing to solve it.

Windows Mobile fixes 26.5.2009

May 26, 2009

We’ve uploaded a new CAB for the Windows Mobile version. You should download it, especially if you’ve been having problems uploading your workouts.

You may need to register the device with again. This doesn’t mean that you have to create a new user, just enter your e-mail and your existing password.

Get it here.

HTC P3600 users

May 26, 2009

We received a bug report from a HTC p3600 user who says that, a few seconds into his workout, his display switches off, and when he turns it back on, none of the values on his screen are updated.

The display is supposed to switch off after a few seconds of inactivity in order to save power, but the only thing that’s switched of is the display – everything else is still running, so this should not be happening.

We decided to circumvent the standard Windows Mobile power savings functions on purpose, because when your device goes inactive that way, everything is suspended – including GPS. So, if your power-down interval is set pretty low (less than half a minute) and you are experiencing this sort of problem, you should try disabling the power savings options while using SportyPal (Start -> Settings -> System -> Power -> Advanced -> uncheck the “turn off device if not used for…” options).

Power Settings

We can’t seem to reproduce this bug right now, but we’re interested in hearing from other users that have had the same problem.