This is the official support and feedback blog for SportyPal. It’s run by the developers at CreationPAL, so feel free to post bug reports, comments, feature requests, and your own experiences with both the SportyPal mobile app and the SportyPal website.

Also, keep visiting this blog for updates on new versions, new releases and fixes for SportyPal.

8 Comments on “About”

  1. kc Says:


    i cannot find sportpal in itunes.

    is it known by other names?


    • SportyPal Says:

      The iPhone version of SportyPal has not been approved by Apple yet. We’ll have a blog post on it as soon as it’s available.

  2. Gavin Milne Says:


    A suggestion. Could you add pace? ie min/km?

    also a few typos (average etc)

    but good. very useful so far.


  3. Olaf Says:

    I just installed SportyPal, so far absolutely extatic about it! Great tool! Easy to use, and gives exactly the functionality I was looking for!
    One question/issue: I took pictures along the way, but can’t find a way of how to see them afterwards in relation to the location where they were taken. Simply appear in “My pictures”. Am I missing something?

    • SportyPal Says:

      You aren’t missing anything. SportyPal saves the locations the photos were taken at, but you can’t do anything with them just yet. A future update of SportyPal will allow you to upload these pictures along with your workouts.

  4. Henrik Jessen Christensen Says:


    Thanks for a really nice program, i run Sportypal on HTC Magic (Android) and it works perfectly.

    But I’m missing a “auto pause” feature, for example if I’m biking and stops a while to see something, then it would be nice if Sportypal would pause automatically if the GPS readout haven’t changed ~10 meters for the last 10sec or something like that, maybe even make it configurable.

    Are there any chance that you would implement that in Sportypal?

  5. Виталий Says:

    Спасибо за приложение! У меня Samsung B-7300 работает хорошо,фиксирует. Вот бы ещё зделали ссылку для вставки в сообщества и для -( поделиться с друзьями), в кодировке – (Код для форумов:, HTML-код:, BBCode:), а то приходиться в извращённой форме копировать ссылку с со своими данными. Или я ни то делаю. Спасибо ещё раз!

  6. Anders Kjellberg Says:


    I really like Sportypal, done alot of workouts using it even bought som stuff on your site, but now i cant install it on my new iphone.
    This feels like a dead place, but i really need a sportypal för APPLE VERSION 7, since Apple now removed the last app-version from Appstore saying the developer need to update that program..

    Plz tell me that you are working on it?

    Best regards

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