SportyPal – No More Confusion with the Names

We have a saying that goes “The world is left in the hands of the young”, and in this case, it applies to our apps, too. The first edition of the SportyPal app will be “retired” in 30 days. To avoid confusion, until it is removed from the market, we will call it SportyPal Classic. We thank everyone who used it and gave us their feedback, since we used a lot from what’ve learned, into the development of SportyPal PRO.

And, about SportyPal PRO, there will be some changes here, too.

A lot of you got confused by the “PRO” suffix since it associates on an app that is pay only. That’s why we decided that we will be removing that from the name permanently – so SportyPal PRO will now become SportyPal. Only paying users will remain with the PRO suffix.

So, let me revise everything:

SportyPal Classic (first edition of SportyPal) – will be shut down in 30 days

SportyPal PRO – becomes SportyPal

Paying users that’ll buy the PRO features subscription  – will have SportyPal PRO

For a full list of features, you can always look here.

This is just a rename of the apps, the features won’t be changed. Actually we’ll be adding some new features very soon. Actually, the PRO users should check our latest update.

Thanks and enjoy your workouts with SportyPal 🙂

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