SportyPal 2.0 for Android

With this update, SportyPal Pro has been renamed to just SportyPal (the classic version of SportyPal has been renamed to SportyPal Classic and will be removed from the Google Play Store soon). Other then the name, here’s what we’ve changed since the last update:

  • Interval training mode is now available (requires a Pro trial or subscription).
  • Along with interval training, goals and tracks have been moved to the new Advanced button in the main screen.
  • The Sony SmartWatch is now supported.
  • You can now add a personal message to your Facebook posts (Settings -> Facebook -> Add personal message).
  • The music player should now work on all devices running Android 2.2 (Froyo) or later (with the exception of the Samsung Galaxy S3, which does not seem to like other apps accessing its music player). If you’re having trouble with the music player on a pre-Froyo device, please contact us and we’ll try to help you in the next update.
  • Added an icon showing that a workout has been uploaded to when viewing the list of workouts in the workouts list. Note that this icon will only show you whether you’ve used SportyPal to upload the workout (if you were to delete the workout from the website, it would still show as uploaded on your device).
  • Added a menu option in the workout screens that allows Sony Ericsson Xperia active users to view the bike mount guide.
  • Slovak language support.
  • Improved ANT+ sensor reconnection.
  • Attempted to fix a bug where a speed sensor cutting out mid-workout would cause sensor-based distance to be way behind the normal distance. This was very difficult to reproduce and test, so please let us know if it shows up again.
  • Updated the calorie estimation for swimming workouts to be slightly more accurate.
  • Fixed a bug where the the indoor timer would not reset the minutes after the hour changes (e.g. 2:164:17).
  • Fixes for climb/descend issues.
  • Fixed a bug where current speed, distance and time would not show up on the LiveView if the workout is in bike mode.
  • Fixed track downloads – missing track icons will no longer cause the entire track to fail to download.
  • Fixed a bug in the sensor setup screen where the tire/wheel diameter would increase every time you opened the screen if your units system was set to imperial.
  • Fixed additional stops during voice prompts on devices in certain locales.
  • Fixed a bug where the device’s locale would reassert itself as the application language after viewing the full screen graph.
  • Fixed the graph leaving the graph panel on high-res devices.
  • Fixed strides sensor showing m/s instead of km/h.
  • Fixed a dialog in the workouts list screen where the text would cut out on some devices.
  • Temporarily disabled screen rotation in the indoor screen.
  • Crash fixes.
  • ANR fixes.

You can find SportyPal by searching for it on Google Play, or by scanning the QR code displayed here.

Note that if you are upgrading from a beta version of SportyPal Pro, you must first uninstall the previous version before installing this one.

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9 Comments on “SportyPal 2.0 for Android”

  1. Antonio Fernando Rodriguez Caro Says:

    [b]After using the new version 2.0 observed:[/b]

    1.-HR not appear in LiveView when used in when mode bike view.(This really is not important, it is logical that if you use the LiveView is not carrying the mobile phone instead accesible “The logic is that when using the LiveView, Bike view in off”).
    2.-Now more frequently is hangs the LiveView device.
    3 would be possible to display the cadence data on the device LiveView?

    In my opinion it would be important to have all the information distance, speed, cadence, altitude ….. on the LiveView device even when mode bike view is off , because it is much easier to port it on the bike especially when used road bike

    • SportyPal Says:

      1. HR should appear in the stats view in any mode. Is anyone else experiencing this?
      2. We can’t reproduce this issue either.
      3. Working on this for the next update.

  2. Georges Says:

    Hello from France,

    On my Galaxy S3, I have a major issue after clicking on “New Workout”: Whatever is my choice (Walking, Blading…) the next menu opens once every 30 attempts or so. Actually, the usual behaviour is a right shift of the current icon (counterclockwise rotation).

    If need be, I can send you a short video.


    • SportyPal Says:

      You’re using the classic version of SportyPal (now known as SportyPal Classic), which is not compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S III. You can use the new version of SportyPal (previously known as SportyPal Pro) on your device.

  3. Tomas_SK Says:

    Hello from Slovakia,

    you have updated slovak translations. But voice pack was not updated. Also some strings are not translated (Start, Advanced) and voice test message is also not translated into slovak. Can u please update these strings and/or add strings to translation file in Thank you very much.

  4. Michał Says:

    How can I set up interval training to:
    know when new zone starts?
    what is my avg speed in the zone?

    • SportyPal Says:

      Interval training does not actually detect the intensity of your workout, it just allows you to set up the zones in a way that can be viewed during the workout. What you do during those zones is entirely up to you.

      • Michał Says:

        Is there a possibility to have any voice signal that there is a new zone? I am not holding smartphone in front of me during running, but in pocket. That makes looking at it hard and without it this feature is not usefull – much easier would be to set up target distance for certain zone and run simply.

      • SportyPal Says:

        Not at this time, though we would like to add that feature in a future update.

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