SportyPal Pro 1.9.1 for Android

A new version of SportyPal Pro for Android is now available on the Android Market. It includes several fixes for issues in the previous version:

  • Sensor integration in the Indoor section has been vastly improved.
  • Indoor section crashes on certain devices fixed.
  • Climb restored.
  • The graphs screen is now scrollable and you can view the cadence graph without zooming in.
  • Tracks can now be sorted.
  • Tracks with missing waypoint icons will still be downloaded.
  • Added the option to tell the Facebook like dialog to stop nagging you.
  • Removed “comma” from voice notifications for unsupported languages.
  • Added icons for some menu items.
  • Database enhancements (fixed leaks, unclosed handles, unsynchronized access).
  • Crash fixes.
  • Fixed ANR that could occur in a database call in the first screen.

You can find SportyPal Pro by searching for it on the Android Market, or by scanning the QR code displayed here.

Note that if you are upgrading from a beta version of SportyPal Pro, you must first uninstall the previous version before installing this one.

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4 Comments on “SportyPal Pro 1.9.1 for Android”

  1. Antonio Fernando Rodriguez Caro Says:

    x10 mini pro. View bike. Version 1.9.1 SportyPal
    The connection of sensor speed / cadence is less “stable” that the connection of HR.
    To connect or for accidental disconnection during training without the possibility of the connection automatically retrieve (Screen-cadence N/A).
    It is observed that the sensor entailment cadence / speed is less stable than the HR in the operation of the application.
    What happens?

    • SportyPal Says:

      It’s the same code that handles basic ANT+ connectivity, regardless of the device, so if one works, the other one should, too.

      Other than one of the devices not functioning properly, the only thing we can think of is that somehow the heart rate monitor being (typically) closer to the mobile phone than the speed/cadence sensor allows it to reconnect faster (which has been known to happen with ANT+).

      We’ll look into this some more.

      • Nick Says:

        I have the same issue, the ant+ hrm works great but the speed/cadence disconnects. I have a post about it here I am more than happy to help test/debug anything required. It is not a range issue as if I quit the workout and start a new one it instantly connects but if I leave it, it never reconnects (tested for over an hour). It may be an android/Sony issue as the Garmin ifit application had the same issue, after 5 minutes of inactivity from the speed/cadence sensor it was unable to reconnect and the ant+ service icon was missing from the notification bar. Please look into this issue, it is only issue I am having with an otherwise awesome product of yours . Feel free to contact me via the forums for any further information.

  2. Rossco Says:

    I have a sony xperia mini pro (sk17i). I have a timex ant+ HRM and a Wahoo Speed/Cadence combined sensor NC17. I have the same problem as these two posts above. HRM works perfect but the cadence once starting a working out says N/A. Checking it in the sensor set up it is fine.

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