SportyPal Pro 1.9 for Android

We’ve released a new version of SportyPal Pro for Android. It includes a couple of new features as well as fixes for several of the issues with the additions to the previous updates:

  • The Indoor section is finally operational again. Sensor integration is currently limited to heart rate monitors, but there’s more to come in future updates. Feel free to comment or suggest more stuff we can add here.
    Note that the indoor section requires an active Pro subscription or trial.
  • Standard Android sharing is now available. In the workout details screen, push the menu button to share your workout via any application on your device that supports sharing.
  • If your workout has cadence data, you can now view the graph by zooming into one of the other graphs and scrolling until you get to it. Also, average cadence is displayed in the workout details screen.
  • Fixed several bike view issues:
    The bike view should now be properly centered on all devices.
    Keep screen on now works properly in bike view workouts.
    Combined speed/cadence sensor now works in the bike view.
  • You can now offset a workout’s altitude after it’s been finished by pushing the menu button in the workout details screen.
  • Optimized graphs a bit (scrolling should be smoother).
  • Backing out of the workout screens now always shows the starting screen (to avoid the scenario where you can’t back out of the GPS searching screen).
  • The map view in the track details screen is now synchronized with the menu.
  • Fixed map orientation not being restored properly after the screen dies.
  • Fixed weather screen not showing the weather on some devices.
  • Fixed registration on leap days.
  • Crash fixes.
  • ANR fixes.

You can find SportyPal Pro by searching for it on the Android Market, or by scanning the QR code displayed here.

Note that if you are upgrading from a beta version of SportyPal Pro, you must first uninstall the previous version before installing this one.

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14 Comments on “SportyPal Pro 1.9 for Android”

  1. Manfred Says:

    Great, I am very happy with the cadence data which is available now

  2. Antonio Fernando Rodriguez Caro Says:

    It certainly was anxiously awaiting the new feature cadence.
    Three comments:

    1ºI have used cadence sensors and the new bike view. Very Good, if there are data rate cadence and speed in screen.
    But, When I finished testing, I uploaded a workout and then from the page I imported the GPX file, I open it but it appears the data of cadence are not in the file .
    Are not included in this GPX file the cadence data?

    2 ° Do you plan to include grafico of cadence on the web?

    3 º Have you thought about updating the addon LiveView to contain the cadence rate?

    Thank you

    • SportyPal Says:

      1. GPX files do not currently export cadence data. We’re working on this at the moment.

      2. Also working on it.

      3. This may be done in a future update to SportyPal Pro.

      • Antonio Fernando Rodriguez Caro Says:

        Thanks for your reply.
        I’ll watch the news, so far has been good progress in the application. Congratulations to the team Sportypal

      • Norbert Says:

        Is it possible to include in the GPX file also the data from the speed sensor (Speed and Distance)?

  3. Manfred Says:

    Hi, I tested the new version, but found a lot of ‘problems’
    Where can I report these findings, so I can help to improve the app?

    I use the app with a sony Xperia active,combined with sensors of Garmin
    – Hrm
    – Combined speed/cadence
    – Foot pod
    I also use the hrm sensor indoor, on a treadmill and while spinning.

    For testing I can compare the results using the garmin fr60

    Grt Manfred

  4. Kopis Says:

    Many, many problems on my Xperia Active with the new version. I’m sending info to support. Hope the problem will be very soon solved, now I have to use another application.

  5. Manfred Says:

    same for me, indoor is not working at all (can only be used as a stopwatch
    I will send details to support

  6. Antonio Fernando Rodriguez Caro Says:

    Now if you have taken an important step in the program with the incorporation of data rate. The statistic has improved much.
    The progress is very positive and certainly provides very useful for the whole application. With this incorporation has nothing to envy to any specific device in terms of performance.
    It is a phenomenal work of SportyPal.

  7. Antonio Fernando Rodriguez Caro Says:

    What happened?

    Now, the rate of Cadence is not included in the GPX file when exported.
    This is very frustrating!.
    Of the many tests I’ve done, I noticed that cadence data are not included in the GPX file, and these should probably upload to page independently. This would explain that when the file its exported directly from mobile or web ,cadence data isn´t shown.
    A few days ago, those data were joining into the GPX export file correctly , as with the Heart Rate data,why not now?.
    Do you plan to restore this possibility? I understand that would be usefull

    • Antonio Fernando Rodriguez Caro Says:

      SportyPal you are solution. Denuevo is incorporated in the data file GPX cadence. This is very useful for optimizing performance in cycling training. So from here I want to publicly thank them for their work


  8. nenad jevtovic Says:

    How can I get another trial period. I would like once again to try all possibilities in the full version SportyPal Pro 1.9. (nenadj)

    • SportyPal Says:

      The easiest way to do this would be to open a new account. As long as your workouts are on your device, you should be able to reupload them when you log back in to your primary account.

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