The new bike holder for the Xperia active

We have great news for the Xperia active users of SportyPal. We finally got the Xperia active bike holders out of production. We’re very satisfied with the quality and function, and we already have very positive reviews.

But let me give you a brief presentation:

The holder itself is very light weight, around 20 grams, but it will keep the phone steady in its place. We were really aiming towards minimalist design, because existing phone holders are too big and bulky, and that is one of the main reasons for people not using them a lot when biking.

Mounting is very easy and fast. Just put the zip ties through the holes, tighten them, and you’re ready to go. If you’re worried that the zip ties aren’t strong enough to hold the phone check out this video.

We had a lot of questions whether the holder can be mounted on the bike’s stem – and the answer is yes. Of course, the phone will be in landscape mode, but the SportyPal app has a landscape view, too:)

The bike holder will be available through the SportyPal Store very soon.

More pics and info.

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84 Comments on “The new bike holder for the Xperia active”

  1. Lanstronio Says:

    Can be used with the x10 mini pro xperia?

  2. Kiril Says:

    No, it is made specifically for the Xperia active.

  3. kisstoney Says:

    Stop dangling the carrot! How much longer do we have to wait?

  4. Jimmy Moreno Says:

    when will this be available?

  5. Cruz Says:

    Great! When can I buy it?

  6. SportyPal Says:

    Thanks everyone for your interest! We have to make sure that everything works well with the store and that takes time and testing. We are a small team, so please be patient. As soon as we’re ready we will notify everyone through this blog, Facebook and Twitter.


  7. giancarlo Says:

    It’ll be great if avalible in Brazil too…..

  8. SportyPal Says:

    @giancarlo I don’t like to make any promises yet, but it should be. It depends only from the carrier.

  9. Adam Says:

    Shut up and take my money!

  10. Gerben Says:

    What about price and availability in the Netherlands.
    I am very very interested, how soon is soon?

  11. Rub Says:

    Yes please! is there an estimated date???

    Another one IMpatiently waiting… this time from Spain 🙂

  12. Martin Says:

    I´d love to get my hands on this before i travel to Mallorca for one weeks biking. An Im from Sweden.

  13. Luiz Says:

    Please a date Please i check the store every single day for that

  14. Theo Says:

    What is happening with your site ( It can not be accessed. I am from Romania.

  15. Andreas Says:

    on the “Health Sensors Accessories” page you described the product as “Xperia active handlebar and arm holder”. In this blog you only mention the bike holder.
    Can it also be used as an arm holder for running since it has this two half shells on the backside or will there be a separate one?

  16. Adam Smith Says:

    Let’s get serious here, I am on the verge of wasting my money on an inferior product because I am so keen to get cracking.

    Any vague hint of a date? I lost my last phone to an unfortunate bike holder accident.

    • Tomtom Says:

      Ok, come on now! Speed up the process plz. Now people has started to share links on similar products for the SE active. You are gonna lose customers soon.

  17. fred Says:

    also interested for France.
    thank you to your team.

  18. Adama Says:

    I will give you my first born + a paypal payment if you can post one of these beautiful units before the sun sets on my side of summer!

  19. Brett Says:

    Like everyone else I’m waiting too (in New Zealand). But I don’t like the idea of mounting it on the stem in landscape so scanned the net for alternatives and found this …

    They also do a more expensive carbon one. BDop cycling do another product called the Dashboard Genie.

    However, I’m not buying the the mount or the phone until I am assured that I can get the Sportypal bike holder … ???

  20. Cruz Says:

    “Very soon” was a month ago now. Please guys, at least give us an ETA! Thanks..

    • SportyPal Says:

      Hi everyone, the ETA for the holder is march 19. You can leave your email on (in a few minutes) if you would like to be notified when the holder is available.

      Thanks for your patience, we like to make this as soon as possible but have to be realistic with the timeline.

  21. Cruz Says:

    Thanks a lot guys 🙂

  22. Jimmy Moreno Says:

    Awesome news, can you ship to the Philippines?

  23. Adama Says:

    Sony should be paying you guys royalties, they are about to sell a fair few handsets.

  24. Peter Says:

    Agreed with the last comment! This bit of kit was definitely a deciding factor to me buying this phone today!

  25. Retzel Says:

    can’t wait for this. then time to buy the phone 😀

  26. the LB Says:

    I want to buy it in russia, how could I?

  27. Brett Says:

    18 euros is fair as a price (that is about 30 New Zealand dollars), but 70 euros for shipping!!!? Is there no way that you can use ordinary postal services? I think you are greatly diminishing your market for what is a good product.

  28. Andreas Says:

    Ok, the bike holer is out now… what’s about the arm holder?



  29. Christian Carling Says:

    117 Euro to ship to Fiji !!!

    A padded envelope and registered mail would be about 10 Euro whats the story?

    • Cruz Says:

      The shipping cost is ridiculous!

      I was up to buy four holders but the shipping cost to Sweden was 111 euros.

      Sending it from Sweden to USA would have cost less than 10 euros.

      No deal 😦

  30. Antonio Fernando Rodriguez Caro Says:

    Fortnight ago to buy a holster for mobile, I was sent from China to Spain.
    Amount of the purchase € 29 (Leather Case)
    Shipping “free”
    Delivery time 10 days (official postal service)

    I’m sure the Chinese have made ​​money in the transaction.

  31. Tomtom Says:

    Finally it popped up the store! I started to make an order but then suddenly the price jumped to almost 100E! Shippingcost 74E to Sweden. Ridicolous! No deal 😦

  32. Adam Says:

    It is not fair to compare shipping costs from China – their normal postal service costs next to nothing, it keeps half their economy afloat.

    However, I absolutely support your seniments: Are you flipping kidding me?!

    70 EURO shipping for an item so small and light? Put it in a padded envelope and put it in the regular mail. Nobody in their right mind is going to give you guys 4 times the product price for shipping on an item that weighs so little and is so small…what sort of twilight zone reality are you living in?

    Again, Put it in a padded envelope and put it in the regular mail!

    For an item that only costs 18 EURO, nobody is going to give a rats about insurance or item tracking…we could order the item 3 times and lose 2/3 and still be in a better position than the current arrangement.

    Please tell me there is some mistake here.

  33. Christian Carling Says:

    I guess it is the first day of its release so there could be some gremlins in the system…

    • Cruz Says:

      Maybe gremlins but I don´t think so. But considering this statement he situation might improve in the near future?!

      “Sorry for the current shipping prices.
      Shipping hubs for Europe will become available soon.”

  34. Brett Says:

    Macedonian postal rates do appear to be higher than the norm (I just checked their online postal calculator, which indicates approximately 20 to 25 euro for a small parcel delivered outside of Europe). Perhaps you could arrange postage direct from the production facility, which I assume is in China?

  35. Adam Says:

    They are shipping with UPS via New Jersey.

  36. Sumrit Says:

    Shipping cost to Thailand is 92 US$ , ha ha..

  37. Tozsi Says:

    I have been waiting for this product and I am ready not to wait until you find a European distributor (if you are considering this at all) but I am a bit let down by the comments. I do hope you find a solution soon enough.

  38. SportyPal Says:

    Hi all,

    The UPS costs for shipments outside US are too expensive. There was no way to foresee this in the tests we made, because we could only use local addresses (US).
    We’ll have a solution for this very soon – we’ll have another shipping provider for Europe and the rest of the World.

    Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the delays.

  39. SportyPal Says:


    We will have worldwide shipping available later today. It will cost 4 euros. Stay tuned!!

  40. Perfect, ordered.
    Cheers from France!

  41. Brett Says:

    Thanks for listening to the feedback regarding postage and correcting it so quickly. I’ve now now placed my order. Cheers.

  42. kisstoney Says:

    Vinaka Vaka Levu! (Thank you very much! in Fijian) Just ordered one.

    On the next batch you get made, could you do another version with the clips rotated 90 degrees so that it can be mounted on the stem in portrait.

  43. Adam Says:

    That is more like it! Winner. Thank you so much and well done guys, I look forward to making a positive review of the product.

  44. Sumrit Says:

    Ordered!!! 🙂

  45. Jimmy Moreno Says:

    ordered 4! Maybe you can open up that little tab that covers the camera lens on the next production run. That will be awesome since you won’t need to get the go-pro cameras anymore – you’ll end up with a smart phone/gps/hrm/speed/cadence/power/camera all in one unit!

    • Adam Says:

      You would not be able to simultaneously see the screen and make a video at the same time unless you were filming the ground 🙂

  46. Tozsi Says:

    Great news on the shipping, thank you. I will order mine later today.

  47. Cruz Says:

    Anyone who had received their holder? I am a bit curious about the time for shipping them..

  48. Johan Says:

    Still waiting…

    • Adam Says:

      Just got this in my email…I ordered on the 21st.

      Your order:

      1 x Xperia active Bike Holder

      has been processed and sent to your address.

      Thanks and have nice workouts!

      The SportyPal Team

  49. Andreas Says:

    Bump… any news on the arm holder? Waiting for it…

  50. Steve Says:

    My Bike Holder was shipped to Sweden on 2nd of April but has not arrived yet. Anyone received theirs yet?

    • Cruz Says:

      Mine was shipped to Sweden 2nd of April too but haven´t arrived. I sent a mail yesterday to Sportypal but no reply so far…

      • Brett Says:

        I bought/paid for mine on 22 March. I got an email on 3 April saying it has been sent but still nothing yet. I guess if it takes 12 days to go from placing an order online to a dispatch confirmation I imagine that I would be optimistic to expect it to turn up at my place in only an additional 14 days.

      • Adam Says:

        Mine has arrived 🙂 It is a cracker. Approx 1 month shipping to Aus.

  51. Peter Says:

    Received mine aswell (New Zealand). Seems to fit really nicely, will test on a trail ride tomorrow and post an update for you all!

  52. Kisstoney Says:

    My order showed up this morning in Fiji, packaging intact (just!) I have already hacked it and mounted it on the stem in portrait mode. I filed down the middle of the two mounting tabs with a rounded file and it fits securely onto my FSA stem with one of the supplied cable tie. This wouldn’t work so well on my other bike which has more of a rounded square-section (profile) stem. Now I just need to go for a ride…

  53. Brett Says:

    Mine arrived on 19 April in NZ. It was very well packaged. Thanks Sportypal.

  54. Tomtom Says:

    I found a small nice parcel in my mailbox on April the 20th. Nice 🙂

  55. Allan Wong Says:


    I am a runner and I read somewhere there is an arm holder for Xperia active. Anyone can confirm this post pics? Thanks.

    • SportyPal Says:

      Hi Allan,
      Yes, we have a prototype, but it is not in production as of right now. We don’t have such plans at the moment.

  56. Jimmy Moreno Says:

    Sent to my address (Philippines) April 3. To date, May 10, still waiting 😦

  57. Brett Says:

    Has anyone else noticed cracks in their mount’s plastic where the zip ties feed through the curved bits at the bottom of the mount? Mine is 3 months old and the front of the curve on one side is completely broken and the front on the other side is cracked most of the way through. If the back part of the curve cracks too then the zip ties will have nothing to hold on to. I am thinking of slicing them off completely and gluing the mount to another generic bike mount.


    I think the design of the bike mount itself is superb. However, I think the plastic that has been used is not suitable for the purpose. I don’t know whether it’s the stress placed on it by the zip ties or the extremes in temperatures but the plastic used is not up to the job.

    Any thought or feedback?

    • Brett Says:

      Giving it a little extra thought, I think it may be that the circumference of the curve on the zip-tie mounting points are set for a 31.8mm diameter. The extension that I have (as seen in the photos) that extends forward of the stem and bars which I have the mount on has a slightly smaller circumference. This would would result in increased stress on the SportyPal mount that wasn’t factored into the design/development process. As an aside, most bike component manufacturers provide shims to allow handlebar attachments to work on the older 25.8mm as well as the current 31.8mm diameter standard. For most people these are nothing but scrap. Perhaps other SportyPal mount users could look to use something like this to prevent the mount from cracking. Best of luck.

  58. Michal Says:

    Delivery time is horrible!!!
    How much longer do I need to wait to process my order! It’s been over a month and no sign of the bike holder 😦

    “Order information – 7/3/2012 7:22:32 PM – Id #30071”

    Today I still have in my order:

    Shipping: Possible

  59. Brett Says:

    Sorry, the links above to my photos (2 posts higher up) aren’t working. Please try this one…


  60. […] a menu option in the workout screens that allows Sony Ericsson Xperia active users to view the bike mount […]

  61. rinjeonneau Says:

    Bonjour, y aurait-il de nouveaux stocks? ou peux ton trouver ce produit maintenant?
    Je vous remercie d’avance.

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