99-year subscription not showing up

We’re glad to see that a lot of you are taking advantage of our limited 99-year subscription offer. Some of you that had subscriptions from before this offer expressed their concerns that the 99-year subscription doesn’t appear in your Subscription/Voucher screen, displaying the previous subscription instead.

We just wanted to tell you not to worry. Your new 99-year subscription will appear when your previous subscription expires. If it doesn’t, log out of the application and log in again. If you are concerned that your 99-year subscription was somehow not activated on your account, either visit the My Vouchers section of the SportyPal Store (if you bought a voucher code) or ask us to check.
Note: the 99-year subscription is no longer available. While it may appear in the store due to a bug, you can no longer buy it.

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5 Comments on “99-year subscription not showing up”

  1. abdul quddus chaudhry Says:

    I want to subscribe for 99 years gift plan.How ?’

  2. Stuart Says:

    I realize it’s well past the date of this original blog post; however, the 99-year subscription offer page http://www.sportypal.com/Store/Details/15 is still available. Is it still possible to take advantage of this great “limited” offer?

    After I chose iPhone and click “buy now,” nothing is added to my cart.

    • SportyPal Says:

      The 99-year subscription was a limited offer that is no longer available. It can appear in the store listing due to a bug, but you can no longer buy it.

      • Stuart Says:

        I figured it was a long shot. My loss. Maybe there’ll be another great offer. Thanks for the info.

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