SportyPal Pro 1.5.5 for Android

A new update is now available for Android users. Here’s what we changed since version 1.5.1:

  • Voice notifications can now be customized. In the voice settings screen, you can now customize the voice notification message to include distance, time, speed, calories or heart rate. This feature is only available to users with an active trial or subscription.
  • The weather button finally works. You can now get your current local weather in SportyPal Pro, as well as a forecast for the next day.
  • Bluetooth headsets should work properly now.
  • If you’re still having music/voice issues with SportyPal Pro, there’s an option at the bottom of the voice settings screen to return it to the way it worked before 1.5 (plays notifications on the music stream so the music isn’t turned down while notifications are playing).
  • Fixed Hungarian translation.
  • Fixed a bug where the unit system switches in the settings screen would show the wrong settings.
  • Canceling workout sync at the last moment in a post-login sync no longer fails to close the login screen.
  • The workout ending flow has been changed slightly (the workout details screen now shows up right after the workout is saved, before uploading).
  • Map screen now shows “Avg. speed” for average speed instead of just “Speed”, which made it look the same as the current speed box.
  • Removed second heart icon from LiveView HR screen.
  • ANR fixes.
  • Crash fixes.

You can find SportyPal Pro by searching for it on the Android Market, or by scanning the QR code displayed here.

Note that if you are upgrading from a beta version of SportyPal Pro, you must first uninstall the previous version before installing this one.

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8 Comments on “SportyPal Pro 1.5.5 for Android”

  1. Pal Porkolab Says:

    The Hungarian translation is ok in the app, please correct the tweet message accent problem too!

    SportyPal FutÿFDs tÿFDv: 7,34 m id1: 00:01:10

    SportyPal Futás táv: 7,34 m idő: 00:01:10

    If it’s impossible, then tweeting without accents can be good too.

  2. Roger Says:

    there’s a minor bug in the new voice notification; average speed and current speed are always identicle.
    Please have a look into this.

  3. Csaba Kanal Says:


    MTB button still missing form the menu! It’s a bug or you remove this kind of option?
    I mentioned in the past the height counting is incorrect! This is my ride in Croatia:
    No tree coverage (it’s a karstic area), the sky was bright, no clouds at all. The Kamenjak peak which is 406m height appear 456 on my track! 50 meters is a big difference!
    You told me your app works with received gps data only for counting height. That would be nice if I am able to change this number manually for correcting height measurement!
    Kind regards,

    Csaba Kanal

    • SportyPal Says:

      The MTB button only appears if you have an active trial or subscription.

      As for altitude, GPS altitude is often inaccurate and there’s not much we can do there. There is currently no way to enter your altitude manually, though if you really want to, you can export your workout to GPX, edit the altitudes there and import it again.

      • Csaba Kanal Says:

        Sorry for my English!
        I mean offset the altitude not set it up manually! This difference more or less constant. Altitude offset option appears in several app like Sportypal, but a nice web interface, clean UI stick with Sportypal! 🙂 I think it’s an important issue therefore I didn’t purchased yet, if you solve this problem I immediately do!

  4. kevin yu Says:

    When I use the running mode that can’t success to record after push GPS start button 5 minute, but when I chance to bike mode that can work normally, please to solve this problem, my phone is HTC desire HD Android 2.2,thanks!

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