“Generic error: could not connect -1”

This error code usually appears on Symbian phones when trying to login/register or upload a workout using SportyPal.

Usually, getting this error means that the phone cannot find the way to access the Internet: Wi-Fi is not connected or configured, or the mobile Internet access point is incorrect or not configured.

If this is the case, to resolve this error, you will need to configure a your Wi-Fi or mobile access points. The mobile Internet access point can usually be configured by sending an SMS to a specific number to your mobile carrier to receive a configuration for mobile Internet.

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2 Comments on ““Generic error: could not connect -1””

  1. […] Sometimes you need to setup your phone’s Internet connection first– this means that you need to define an Internet access point and make sure that your Internet connection is working properly. A common error on Symbian-based devices is: Could not connect: -1 error. You can see an explanation on this error by following this link: https://sportypal.wordpress.com/2011/05/17/generic-error-could-not-connect-1/ […]

  2. Alexa Dan Says:


    I have read the answers to the problem mentioned (Could not connect: -1) dut i dont’t think that the answer is complete.
    I have this error but:

    1. My internet connection is OK, i can access other websites, etc
    2. If i start the sportypal app with my mobile internet connection active and try to connect it says that there are not more than one connection at the same time allowed and it sugests that i close my existing and working connection and try again. If i do this i recive the same answer: Could not connect: -1
    3. If i access the “Online help” tab from inside the sportypal app after i chose not to log on, it works, it uses my internet connection. Even if the connection in closed it opens it ! So i think the connection is OK.

    Do you have any other sugestions ?
    My phone is a nokia 5230 so i can’t try to connect with the wireless network because i don’t have a wireless connection option.

    Thank you for your answer in advance and excuse my english 🙂

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