SportyPal v2.2 released (Java and Blackberry)

Version 2.2 (Java/Blackberry) has been released. We bring some interesting new features such as track checkpoints, better progress indicator for tracks, improvement in the heart rate support (battery status, connection test), separate configurable workout start count-down (independent from auto-start) and various alert sounds (such as 3 beeps before workout start, beep on track checkpoint etc)


  • Added: Track check-points icons.
  • Added: Matching the track check points in workouts. If check point is matched info audio signal is played and the track check point becomes green. If the track check point is missed for more than 50% the error signal is played and the check point become red.
  • Added: The track and its check points (green completed – yellow not completed) are shown in workout map.
  • Added: Now you can adjust the countdown timer. (min 10 sec). It is separate from auto-start, which means you can now have auto-start which starts immediately, or a countdown timer after “Pressto start”.
  • Added: Last 3 seconds of countdown have sound signals.
  • Added: Heart rate battery status. The red heart icon should now be filled with green as much as the battery of the HRM is full.
  • Optimization: No view updates while in workout if the application is in background. Should help save memory and cpu usage.
  • Fixed: Errors when clicking on empty lists.
  • Fixed: Smarter AutoPause: if the user pauses the workout manually, autopause will not auto resume – instead, an audio beep will signal.
  • Fixed: When an unsubscribed user tries to activate a subscription feature, the phone will check for subscription from web before asking about a trial
  • Fixed: Message dialogs should be easier to navigate with a keyboard.
  • Fixed: Sync already existing but updated track/workout should work correctly now.
  • Fixed: When auto-start is off, the manual start (play) button should work on phones with keyboards now.
  • Fixed: If the workout isn’t started and manual start is set, the stop button works as expected now (asks if you want to end).
  • Added: Synced workouts made on tracks are now properly displayed with their track if both the track and the workout are synced.
  • Fixed: When a new workout is started right-away after another, the old info (time, distance, pace ….) will be correctly reset to zero.
  • Changed: On keyboard phones, the slider pause button is replaced with simple (and more intuitive) pause icon button
  • Fixed: All workout lists should always be sorted now
  • Fixed: Buggy behavior when opening a track right after the track sync.
  • Fixed: Workout minimum heart rate is shown properly in the workout details view
  • Added: Test connection and check current heart rate & battery status in the heart rate tab (settings screen).

Java (J2ME) download is available here:
SportyPalJ2ME.jad (Samsung and LG)
SportyPalJ2ME.jar (Samsung and LG)

Blackberry links:

SportyPalJ2ME.jad – use this link from the phone to install over-the-air

SportyPalJ2ME_BB.alx – (needed to install from PC)
SportyPalJ2ME_BB.cod – (needed to install from PC)

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