SportyPal v2.1 released (Java and Blackberry)

Version 2.1 has been released


  • Weight, height and all other settings should now work correctly regardless of unit system
  • Added calories calculation for all workout types except Paragliding, Driving, Freestyle, Flying and Sailing. Additionally, all calories calculation issues should be fixed now.
  • Added an experimental HRM zone progressbar in the workout details screen. It is displayed only when a heart rate monitor is in use. Switching to it from the Distance or Goal progressbar is done in a way similar to the switching between actual / remaining / difference stats for a goal. It shows your current training zone based on % of your HRmax (which is currently estimated using age, but will be configurable in a later version).
  • On touch-screen phones, touching the label right next to a scrolling roller will allow you to input a value from a separate screen using a numpad.
  • Fixed a bug which caused a workout to be saved with a zero total time if the app was forcefully closed, the phone rebooted or battery died.
  • Blackberry: when the screen is off, pressing the back/menu buttons will only wake up the screen now.
  • Uploading a workout should now use 4-5 times less data traffic. As a result the maximum length of uploadable workouts should be increased 4-5 times now (especially on Blackberry: if you were able to upload up to 1 hour long workouts, you should now be able to upload up-to 4 hours long workouts)
  • Auto-pause for cycling changed to account for MTB (requires lower speeds now)
  • Other smaller bugfixes

Java (J2ME) download is available here:
SportyPalJ2ME.jad (Samsung and LG)
SportyPalJ2ME.jar (Samsung and LG)

Blackberry links:

SportyPalJ2ME.jad – use this link from the phone to install over-the-air

SportyPalJ2ME_BB.alx – (needed to install from PC)
SportyPalJ2ME_BB.cod – (needed to install from PC)

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2 Comments on “SportyPal v2.1 released (Java and Blackberry)”

  1. SHORT Says:


    I’ve still problem to instal a new release to ma BB. Phone is telling me: net.rim.vm.TooManyThreadsError

    WT*f*? 🙂

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