SportyPal 2.0.3 (Blackberry), Java JAD fix

Version 2.0.3 has been released.


  • KeyUp events are now explicitly enabled. As a result, the Menu key should work correctly now in all screens on all devices (including e.g. the Licence Agreement screen).
  • You can now switch to another app using the Alt+Back shortcut without it having undesired side-effects (like pausing a running workout)
  • Long-pressing the Menu key only opens the task switcher now (it won’t  activate the menu of the app screen anymore).

We also fixed a little issue in the JAD file for Samsung and LG phones.

Blackberry links:
SportyPalJ2ME.jad – use this link from the phone to install over-the-air

SportyPalJ2ME_BB.alx – (needed to install from PC)
SportyPalJ2ME_BB.cod – (needed to install from PC)

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One Comment on “SportyPal 2.0.3 (Blackberry), Java JAD fix”

  1. sagar Says:

    please answer that is it works on sony ericsson c903

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