SportyPal 2.0 Beta 4 for Java and Blackberry

Beta 4 has been released!

– Fixed a bug which caused slowdown of the loading screen if the phone has many workouts.
– Fixed a bug which caused problems on workout sync
– Fixed some more unit conversion bugs (which sometimes caused weird numbers for distances, speeds and calories etc.)
– Removed the switch that turns off the open street map (its now always on)
– Logging in now correctly fills in your set birthday from
– Fixed display of subscription features remaining days and weeks (for both trials and subscriptions)
– The app is much faster on Sony Ericsson phones with 320×240 screens now.
– The app should hopefully work on Samsung Jet.
– Lots of other smaller bug fixes.

This version is also available for Blackberry

Java (J2ME) download is available here:

Blackberry links:

SportyPalJ2ME.jad – use this link from the phone to install over-the-air

SportyPalJ2ME_BB.alx – (needed to install from PC)
SportyPalJ2ME_BB.cod – (needed to install from PC)

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12 Comments on “SportyPal 2.0 Beta 4 for Java and Blackberry”

  1. Collen Rautenbach Says:


    I have a POLAR Wearlink HRM (latest model comes with Polar RS800CX Running Watch – which picks up immediately on the watch) and I have gone through the whole setup, but cannot connect with the HRM belt… any ideas?

    • SportyPal Says:

      What phone are you using?

    • SportyPal Says:

      What happens when you try to search for the HRM from Settings -> GPS-HR? Do you get “Searching…” and afterwards “No devices found”?

      • Collen Rautenbach Says:


        That is exactly what I get… I had it strapped on my chest and it picked up on my Polar watch, so it was for sure ticking 😉 thank goodness for that, however, on the phone it didnt pick it up… not even after I moved the watch away does it pick it up.

        I had blue tooth and also WiFi enabled, still no joy

    • SportyPal Says:

      You might want to try and turn off the Polar watch completely when trying to pair the HRM with the phone for the first time. (you may have to wait a couple of minutes, maybe 5 min for the HRM to realize that the connection was dropped).

      Can the phone find it when you try to pair it outside of the app? e.g. using this method:

      • Collen Rautenbach Says:


        Like I mentioned, I tested it to make sure it works with the HRM watch… I then took it totally away from the watch, like totally way away and tried it with the phone again and still no joy,

        My phone currently picks up my cars bluetooth device, so the BT works on the phone…

        I have tried to pair it but no joy…

    • SportyPal Says:

      “I have tried to pair it but no joy…”

      If you can’t pair it outside the application (and from the blackberry menus) then something else is wrong. Could it be that the transmitter doesn’t support bluetooth? Is your transmitter this one?

  2. Balázs Says:

    It’s awesome

  3. Balázs Says:

    Oh, it’s working perfecty on my Samsung Monte s5620.

  4. Collen Rautenbach Says:

    I see…. nope, I have the Wearlink W.I.N.D

  5. Toksgoota Says:

    Hi !!! Good job!

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