SportyPal Pro trials reset

The trials for SportyPal Pro have been reset. All SportyPal Pro users can request a new 30-day trial period starting now. You should be able to buy a subscription by the time this trial is over.

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5 Comments on “SportyPal Pro trials reset”

  1. Roger Says:


    I’ve discovered a bug which might need to be looked at before final release.
    – After syncronising my workoutss my phone showed a low memory message. On phones using external memory an option should be included to save to SD-Card. I’m using a HTC Desire.
    – All synct workouts are visible on “quarterly view”, when clicking on a month no workouts can be seen. On “all” every workout can be seen.
    – Workouts which were run last year are shown in future months, paging back or forward from the current month displays a message “no more workouts in next months” or “no more workouts in previous months”, although the quarterly view shows workouts in that month.
    – I#m not able to see my records as I am on the standard version, does it exsist or am I missing something.

    Any idea what the pro version is going to cost?

    • SportyPal Says:

      The next update (should be along any day now) will address the year issue. Also, if you’re running Android 2.2 or later, you will be able to install/move the application to your SD card.

      SportyPal Pro does not have a records screen.

      Prices will probably be announced by the end of the month.

      • Mauro Says:

        I have the same Roger’s problem with my HTC Desire. Many workouts use a lot of internal memory space. Also, I running Android 2.2 but I’m not be able to move the application to my SD card. Cheers

  2. Ove Says:

    End of trial, how do I do now?

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