No GPS signal on BlackBerry

Having trouble acquiring a GPS signal on your BlackBerry? Here’s a list of the most common GPS problems, with instructions on how to solve them.

(Note: if you are using Windows Mobile, see this post)

First things first, make sure that you’re in a place where you can get a clear view of the sky. You usually can’t get a GPS signal while indoors.

Second, give it some time. Getting a GPS fix for the first time can take a while. SportyPal has a set GPS signal timeout period, which means that you’ll get a message like “Unable to acquire GPS lock” if it didn’t work, so don’t give up until you get that message.

Note that the above tips don’t apply if the “Unable to acquire” message appears immediately after attempting to start a workout.

As a standard step in any troubleshooting scenario, restart the device in case a temporary issue is keeping SportyPal from communicating with your device’s GPS unit.

Next, check your data connection. Depending on your device and how it’s configured, your BlackBerry may need an active data connection to get a GPS fix.

In most cases, though, you just need to mess around with your GPS settings a bit. This is device-dependent, so we can’t tell you exactly what to do. The internal/integrated GPS option should usually be on, but you need to experiment to find the best setting for assisted GPS/location aiding.

SportyPal does not officially support external GPS units, but some of our users have reportedly been able to use them, so if you have one of those and can’t get it to work, we suggest looking around the forums for someone who has had more luck.

If none of these work, write to support and we’ll try to find another solution. Make sure to tell us if you’re getting the signal lock error message immediately after pushing the start button or after SportyPal spends some time trying to get a signal.

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