SportyPal Pro on Sony Ericsson’s LiveView Fitness Pack

Today sees the announcement of the Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM). This innovative accessory is another step in Sony Ericsson’s commitment to help consumers get the very best mobile phone experience through the open Android platform. The Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM) is part of the Sony Ericsson Extras portfolio – a division which offers a total product experience and enhanced mobile possibilities.

The Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM) is also available in one of the Sony Ericsson Experience Packs. An ‘Experience Pack’ is a package of several related components that together create a great user experience in a certain area. The packages include mobile phone applications, accessories, services and much more. The “Sony Ericsson Fitness Pack” is aimed at sports and fitness enthusiasts. It contains a sport application for the Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM) – The SportyPal(TM) Pro – and a carrying case for your mobile phone – ideal for exercising.

SportyPal Pro in LiveView

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4 Comments on “SportyPal Pro on Sony Ericsson’s LiveView Fitness Pack”

  1. Daniele Ottorogo Says:

    BIG NEWS!! it will be possible to install sportypal pro on live view normal edition (without fitness pack)?

    also, this version of sporypal pro communicates with sportypal pro on the phone or is a standalone app?

    please answer thanks

    • SportyPal Says:

      We’re still finalizing the details, but you should be able to use LiveView with SportyPal Pro regardless of how and when you purchasd/install any of them. LiveView functionality will be a bit more limited if you aren’t a paid SportyPal Pro user, and the Fitness Pack is bundled with a SportyPal Pro subscription.

      • Dear sirs,

        I’ve using SportyPal Pro for almost 2 months and I’m still waiting for the paid version.

        Anyway, my major concern is the following: after seeing so many advantages on having Sony LiveView, I’ve decided to buy it, because it would be enough for me (instead of buying a Garmin watch).

        Now, 1 day after receiving my LiveView, I’ve just discovered I cannot use LiveView with SportyPal Pro, because my trial period has been finished. Since I cannot “reset” it, what can I do with it? How can I use SportyPal on LiveView?

        I’ve read, on this postm that Fitness Pack already is bundled with SportyPal Pro subscription, but that information wasn’t clear on the other Sony LiveView presentations.

        I’m willing to pay for SportyPal, but you don’t explain where!

        I would like to receive an answer from you because, depending on your answer, I’ll decide to return Sony LiveView and ask for a refund. For this reason, I ask some urgency on your answer, please.

        Thank you.

        Best regards.

        Ricardo Almeida

  2. Csaba Kanal Says:

    Great to hear it!

    That would be a great thing while riding a bike you can see minimap, direction to follow, current speed, height, heart rate, etc… on the screen!
    Minimap would be a great thing because you don’t have to grab out every time your phone searching for direction instead “just” look on your wrist!

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