SportyPal 1.7.7 for Android

We’ve updated the Android version of SportyPal to reflect recent changes in the Twitter API which prevent you from posting your workouts to Twitter from your device. It also fixes several stability issues. Here’s a list of changes in the latest version:

  • Sharing to Twitter now works just like sharing to Facebook. SportyPal no longer requires you to enter your Twitter username and password to share, but you have to connect your SportyPal account to your Twitter account. To do this, log in to, go to My Profile, click the Facebook & Twitter tab, click the Connect button next to Twitter and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Fixed negative speeds bug (causes workouts to appear scrambled).
  • Improved coordinate filtering (no more (0, 0) coordinates).
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when attempting to view the map without a current location.
  • Attempted to improve overall data saving stability and eliminate database-related crashes.
  • Fixed a bug where OKing the post-workout post-upload sharing dialog with no options checked would not close the main workout activity even though the workout has ended, allowing all sorts of bizarre stuff to happen. Phew.
  • You no longer get a “thank you for registering” e-mail every time you register your device.
  • Samsung Moment (and potentially several other devices that had their GPS timestamps royally messed up by Samsung’s Android OS update) can now record workouts that they can upload. There’s nothing that we can do for your existing workouts, but at least you’ll be able to make new ones.

You can get this version by searching for “SportyPal” in the Android Market, or you can download it from the download page on our website.

Note that it’s usually a good idea to restart your device after installing a new version of SportyPal.

An update for OS 1.5 that implements these changes is coming soon.

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17 Comments on “SportyPal 1.7.7 for Android”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Michiel Zandbelt, andreasaulin. andreasaulin said: Nice, SportyPal update for Android @CreationPal #SportyPal […]

  2. Thomas Says:

    I cant download this to my Samsung Galaxy Spica phone? Why

    • SportyPal Says:

      Is your device still running Android 1.5? The OS 1.5 version is not available yet (we hope to release it this week).

      • Thomas Says:

        I guess i have android 1.5.

        I hope you will release 1.7.7 for android 1.5 also. I have the timeproblem with my samsung.

  3. pali Says:

    i connected to twitter on the web, updated the app on device, still can’t share to twitter. pulse

  4. pali Says:

    just downloaded and tryed the new pro beta version, and it shares even no to twitter:(
    (but it would be great!;)

    • SportyPal Says:

      The Pro beta version won’t share to Twitter, but the standard version should. Everything seems to be OK from here: you’re using 1.7.7 to upload to the correct account, which is connected to Twitter. Try disconnecting your account from Twitter then connecting it again.

  5. pali Says:

    done it, but nothing changed

  6. Robert Says:

    Here i have the same problem with my Iphone 4.1.1 release . I try to upload my workout to twitter. Never the less it only uploads my workout to my profile.

    I have tried to disconnect as well. How long will it take until sportypal knows he has to upload it to twitter?

    Hope to here from you

  7. pali Says:

    Ok, uninstall, reinstall, and everything is working! 😀

  8. nille Says:

    It would be nice if you add funcitonallity to move the installation to SD card for us that use Android 2.2

  9. Morten Says:

    Having a problem with the newest version – haven’t checked older versions though.
    On my Galaxy S, the GPS suddenly “turns off”, the icon disappears from the notification bar, then comes back a few seconds later, trying to get a fix. When it finally gets a fix, it’ll have a fix for maybe 10 seconds, before it “disconnects” again, and the same process starts again. I’ve tested the GPS with CoPilot, this phenomena does not happen there, nor with the GPS test utility – only in SportyPal.

  10. It’s really nice. This is genuinely fantastic news.
    I will give a test on my G1.

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