SportyPal Java and Blackberry v1.2.5 released

SportyPal v1.2.5 for Java and Blackberry are now available.

Changes in this version:

  • Compass map should now be correct in any part of the world.
  • Fixed issue with internet connection on some phones.
  • When a newer version is available after a successful upload, SportyPal now reports that the upload was successful *and* a newer version is available (instead of only reporting that a newer version is available). The workout is also marked as uploaded and subsequent attempts to upload it will display a re-upload confirmation.
  • Fixed the negative altitude bug in the Blackberry version.
  • Loading an old workout is now around 10 times faster (could be even faster on some devices). This means that uploading an old workout, displaying the speed graph, downloading a map etc will also be ~10 times faster.
  • Added JAD attributes which should hide the on-screen navigation/soft-keys keyboard on most (Symbian) touchscreen phones.

Download from mobile
Download from PC

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3 Comments on “SportyPal Java and Blackberry v1.2.5 released”

  1. Stefano Says:

    to with this version the Sportypal on Blackberry 8310 curve suddenly stop it…. damn!!!!
    without press any key…
    it would be better an optional choice to block the keyboard…

  2. JXP Says:

    REALLY POOR to wipe my definitions and past workouts from the handset.. Not good enough!!!

  3. Alex Says:

    Many more improvements needed but thank you for developing for java! looking forward to the next release =)

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