SportyPal at the 2010 Skopje Marathon

The Skopje Marathon 2010 was held on the 9th of May in Skopje, Macedonia, where more than 3000 marathoners were on the streets running in three different categories, starting from 5km, 21km and the official 42km marathon race.

SportyPal was present on this event with a stand where every visitor had the opportunity to watch and track the runners from the start on their way to the finish. Besides live tracking of the marathon race, the SportyPal stand gave everyone the opportunity to see and get informed about the SportyPal mobile and web applications.

Here are the official results from the 42km race:

Men’s Awards:
Men's awards at the 2010 Skopje Marathon
1st Tomas Tams (HUN) 2:28:56
2nd Strik Neals (NED) 2:31:11
3rd Viorel Gheorgita (MLD) 2:32:22

With this time Tomas Tams broke the official record for the Skopje Marathon.

Women’s Awards:
Women's awards at the 2010 Skopje Marathon
1st Lucija Kimani (BiH) 2:55:56
2nd Marija Vraic (CRO) 2:59:21
3rd Katalin Farkas (HUN) 3:00:58

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