SportyPal Bike is now available for the iPhone

SportyPal Bike, the long-awaited version of SportyPal designed exclusively for cyclists is now available for the iPhone and can be found on the App Store. Either search for “SportyPal” bike on the store, or use this direct iTunes link.

Android and Windows Mobile versions are coming soon.

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13 Comments on “SportyPal Bike is now available for the iPhone”

  1. adrian Says:

    cool, but where’s the blackberry version?

  2. Von R Buzard Says:

    Do you know of a way to mount the DROID to the handlebars?

    • jim Says:

      I velcro’d my belt clip to my GPS mount that was already attached to the stem, works fine. Should be able to do the same on a bare stem.

  3. G-ola Says:

    Love the look of this. Can’t wait for the WinMo version.

  4. John Says:

    Android version needed !!!

  5. Master Yoda Says:

    Pleaaase tell me there will be a java version for my 5800

  6. John Blair Says:

    Windows-Mobile Windows-Mobile Windows-Mobile Windows-Mobile WOOOO-WOOOOOOO! PLEASE, LOL! I feel like I have been waiting for this forever, and what version gets developed first? idiotPhone version. Of course. SIGH!

    • Gligor Says:

      Basically windows version was first, we have it ready for android also but iphone STORE is ready for all markets. We developed (lost time) our own license store because android and winmo markets doesn’t support all markets.

  7. ed Says:

    android version coming soon I hope- looks great!

  8. Bruce Says:

    Any news on Windows-Mobile release timeline?

  9. Matt Smith Says:

    Windows Mobile version wanted, it looks great.

    Please dont forget about us, we may not be as cool as a iphone, but we are many and word spreads quickly about great apps like these.

    Thats how i heard!

    great work btw

  10. TiggerToo Says:

    How about a speedo for when you are going down hill?

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