Windows Mobile SportyPal 1.2.6

A new update is now online for Windows Mobile users, fixing several issues found in previous versions. Here’s what’s been changed in the new version:

  • The end (red/hang up) button should no longer cause your device to freeze.
  • Fixed the weird map thing that happens if you can’t resist the urge to switch your device’s orientation while waiting for the map image to load.
  • Fixed the pop-up menus.
    • The one in the workout details form is no longer obscured by the map.
    • Entering or leaving screens while a menu is open will no longer cause the next screen to start with an open menu.
  • If you use the end button to close SportyPal while viewing the rotated workout map or graph, your screen orientation will be restored to default.
  • Fixed several crashes (thanks to everyone who sent in an error log – we can’t reproduce most of these issues, so you basically fixed this one yourselves).
  • Fixed Twitter sharing.
    • Fixed the share screen not remembering your Twitter username and password (again, thanks for reporting this).
    • Your Twitter posts now have a short link to your workout.

Users upgrading directly from version 1.0 should read this note.

Download the new CAB here.

Any problems starting this version once you’ve upgraded? Read this.

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16 Comments on “Windows Mobile SportyPal 1.2.6”

  1. Janne Says:

    Great job on this app!
    And it is for free!! How good is that!?

    Awesome! I feel like Forrest Gump when using this app!

    Thank you for getting me to workout!
    Without this app I wouldn’t.


  2. Jorge Says:

    same here, it made me get interested, cause now I can simply see my last workouts and try to achieve a new and better score each time, thanks for working to make people more healthy! =)

  3. Lakos Says:

    Yop thx guys, great app. My most favourite on my htc hd2. Today I’ve blade 55km no crash 🙂

  4. Ryda Says:

    Amen to that!
    It’s awesome. I feel like a cyborg while having the app’s blue screen on my HD2 attached to my arm 😀
    Thanks for the new version!
    + It really helps to encourage me… “oh no, others can see when I got slower! I have to keep running” hehe

  5. very disapointed! Says:

    OMG!!! how hard is it to make updates that dont crash, or just stop recording all of a sudden!!

    I have never tried such a losy program that crashes every third time and that seems to get worse with each up date! before adding more inessential feature i would strongly recomed doing something about reliability.

    ps i have a
    sony ericsson X1

    • mjordan Says:

      Before being disappointed and complaining, be sure to learn how to do a bug report that helps. Your complainings are just lame: they have no purpose.

    • Maxim Says:

      First fo all, I want to Thank developers for great and hard work!
      Your aplication and web interface are fantastic! Very userfriendly and usefull!
      I realy appreciate that the aplication is always “up to dated”! 😉
      Now my friends also could see my results (thanks for sharing on facebook 🙂 ), i have to work much harder! :)))

      According to the “very disappointed!” post – I have got also a Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1, and for me the application works great!
      Do not condemn the developers in vain, first you figure it out.

  6. mjordan Says:

    Very nice update. Thanks.
    Please, keep updating the Windows Mobile version.

  7. Paulo Says:

    Great application and great job guys.

    I just wish we could have the map image, like the IPhone version, inset of the satellite image, which is much more heavy.

    Thanks and keep the great job!

  8. dear developer,
    i own samsung omnia II and everytime i press the photo button when i pause my workout, all of a sudden the sportypal hangs. i use the current version 1.2.6. can you figure it out why? or maybe it just my device and me that had such problem? thank you.

    • SportyPal Says:

      That’s a known issue with some Omnia devices. We don’t have an Omnia to test on, so we can’t really determine why.

  9. michael Says:

    when can i use sportypal on my hp ipaq 900 device ???
    this app can work on 320X240 device.
    what a suck….

  10. Christian Nieke Says:

    Dear Supportteam,
    I´ve used SportyPal successfully on the HTC Touch Diamond. Now however I switched to the new HTC HD mini and the Application does not start on this phone: I have tried installing to device storage and on to memorycard. In both cases I get the message ( in German ): A file was not found. Please install again.

    Thanks for your help
    Christian Nieke

  11. Dave Says:

    This is a great app. I love the fact its free but a donation button placed on the site would probably be warmly greeted by most users. Can’t wait for the “Bike” version to available on Windows Mobile.
    Keep up the great work 🙂

    I’m using a HTC HD2 – couple of minor issues as reported in the forums but once those issues are known and avoided (for now) this program works perfectly.

  12. Budge Magraw Says:

    This is totally brilliant!! Using it all the time now on HTC Touch HD with no problems.

    Can’t wait for “Bike” version for Windows Mobile! (I refuse to get an idiotphone!, Apple is expensive crap!)

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