Indoor workouts are now available online

The Indoor button

The Indoor button

You can now use the SportyPal website to keep track of your indoor workouts, or any type of workout that doesn’t involve GPS tracking.

There’s a new menu item under “Workouts” that takes you to the new section of the website. Here you can enter a new indoor exercise or view your existing ones. You can choose from one of the preexisting workout types, or define your own types. Each exercise can have an entry for reps, weights, distance and/or time. You can enter your own calorie count, and if you’ve chosen one of the predefined types, you also get a suggested amount of calories based on the rest of the data.

Selecting an exercise type

Selecting an exercise type

We hope you enjoy this new feature. Expect to see it improved in the future. If you have any questions, comments or run into any trouble using it, we’d like to hear from you here, on the forum or on the support page.

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14 Comments on “Indoor workouts are now available online”

  1. Carling Says:

    Very nice, would be even nicer if you could add a way to add more than one set of reps to exercises.

  2. SportyPal Says:

    Add each set as a separate exercise 🙂

  3. Ql, it would be nice to put this feature into the mobile app, even in it basic form.

  4. Beto Says:

    There are any posibility that you add as excersice when you run in a machine (indoor running)?

    • SportyPal Says:

      Yes, there already is a treadmill exercise type… Three, in fact.

      • Sid Says:

        Is there a treadmill running exercise type in the android app? If so, do all running exercise types including treadmill require the gps to be ON?

      • SportyPal Says:

        The app will have the same features as the site does, including the predefined types (which include treadmill) and the option to define your own types.

      • Sid Says:

        Thanks for you prompt reply. The problem I’m facing while using the app for running on the treadmill is that selecting the “running” option immediately invokes the GPS option on the phone. As my treadmill is indoors, I’m unable to get a GPS signal and it keeps scanning making the “Start” and “Stop” timer buttons inaccessible. Maybe you could add an option for treadmill running that bypasses invoking the GPS setting on the phone.

      • SportyPal Says:

        Indoor workouts do not require GPS (in fact, an “indoor” workout in SportyPal is any workout that does not require GPS, even if it was actually made outdoors), but the first version of the built in indoor feature will require an active Internet connection for them to work.

  5. Jesse Says:

    It would be nice if we can download the manual entries unto the phone so its viewable on the phone after entering them online. Or better still just entering them on the phone directly. Just like how cardio trainer works.

  6. Debi Tullier Says:

    Thank you so much, I love this and will use it to keep my motivation up and going. I wish you would add Wii activities to it, such as Wiifit, and EA Sports..
    Thank you again for helping to refocus my attempts!

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