SportyPal Java and Blackberry v1.2.4 released

Update: v1.2.4 for BlackBerry is now available

Changes in v1.2.4:
– SportyPal should now be able to acquire a GPS signal on BlackBerry Tour and Storm for Verizon users

SportyPal v1.2.3 for Java and Blackberry are now available.

Changes in v1.2.3 for Java and Blackberry:
– Fixed an error which prevented the app from starting up on some devices (the “Fatal error: error” startup message)
– Handles HTTP redirects properly now – this make upload and registration work on some carriers.

Additional changes in v1.2.3 for Blackberry:
– The app is now signed. This version should eliminate two issues:
1) The registration and uploads used to only work on phones with a wifi connection. It should now work on all phones and any kind of internet connection (wifi/carrier/BES etc).
2) We’re hoping that the “GPS Not Allowed” error will be now gone – at least on phones/carriers where other 3rd party apps can use GPS.

If you’re still seeing the “GPS Not Allowed” error or the app gets stuck at the “Initializing GPS” screen for more than 5 minutes, please check out the official “gps not allowed” thread on the forums.

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4 Comments on “SportyPal Java and Blackberry v1.2.4 released”

  1. janet Says:

    I updated to version 1.2.4
    Blackberry but have lost all
    previous workouts on the
    device – is there a way to
    get them back? Thanks

    • SportyPal Says:

      Unfortunately, no. This is a BlackBerry bug that wipes the record store with each reinstall even if it’s told not to.

  2. Gligor Says:

    From Sportypal 2.0, maybe 2.2 we will give option for synchronization.

  3. Stav Says:

    1. I am using Sporypal v1.2.3. Every time when pausing the workout there is no option to continue the trek (perssing the continue botton starts a new workout).
    Any help?

    2.Is there any optiong to view or sort by tags from the main Workout “List View” on the Sportypal website?


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