SportyPal 1.7.6 for Android

The Android version of SportyPal has been updated. The new update contains UI-related improvements and is mostly intended for new users, though it certainly won’t do anyone any harm to upgrade to this version. Here’s a list of the changes made in this version:

  • Attempting to open the “New Workout” screen now produces a warning if your device’s GPS is disabled, and offers to take you to the screen where you can enable it.  The same goes for the main workout screen, where answering “no” takes you to the main menu.
    • In anticipation of the effects of Murphy’s law, we’ve added a workaround should you somehow register a false positive: answer “yes” in the workout screen dialog, then back out of the dialog. You’ll get the “initializing GPS” box. Of course, it won’t do you any good if the GPS is really off.
  • While we’re on the subject of the “initializing GPS” screen, you will no longer get taken to the “My Workouts” screen if you back out before getting a GPS signal.

You can get this version by searching for “SportyPal” in the Android Market, or you can download it from the download page on our website.

The OS1.5 version of SportyPal has also been updated to 1.7.6. This version of SportyPal is intended for users with devices that are running Android 1.5. In addition to the changes listed above, the OS1.5 version also has the activity type “canoeing” renamed to “rowing”. You can get this version by searching for “SportyPal OS1.5″ in the Android Market, or you can download it directly here.

Note that it’s usually a good idea to restart your device after installing a new version of SportyPal.

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7 Comments on “SportyPal 1.7.6 for Android”

  1. Enrico Says:

    I’ve a Legend HTC Android 2.1, works sportypal??
    I made the down load, but the gps desn’t find the satellite, i’ve to make something

    • Jens Says:

      I just downloaded sportapal 1.7.6 and it works great on my HTC Legend (also Android 2.1). Get GPS contact without any problems, also indoor.

  2. androidz Says:

    Is there any SortyPal for Palm Pre?

  3. Leslie Says:

    Can SportyPal track weight? Where do I input?

  4. clor Says:

    Great app but NO LONGER WORKS! Stuck on Initializing GPS. Support Forum states to restart the Droid phone several times as solution. – You’ve got to be F**&ing kidding!

  5. Jim Says:

    SportyPal for Droid rocks, but the voice announcements are off. It announces 1 mile at 1.1, 2 miles at 2.2, 3 miles at 3.3 miles etc. You get the idea. Any solution coming soon? GREAT APP otherwise, love it!

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