SportyPal 1.7.5 for Android

The Android version of SportyPal has been updated. The new update contains some minor fixes regarding voice notifications, or if you want to get more specific:

  • Voice fixes:
    • Miles are now reported correctly for values lower than 0.75.
    • Voice now says “crossed in” instead of “crossed for”.
    • Voice no longer pronounces zero as singular.
    • Voice no longer pronounces a trailing “zero seconds”.
  • Changed “canoeing” to “rowing”.

You can get this version by searching for “SportyPal” in the Android Market, or you can download it from the download page on our website.

Note that if you are running SportyPal OS1.5 (the version of SportyPal intended for devices running Android 1.5), that version has not been updated.

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One Comment on “SportyPal 1.7.5 for Android”

  1. Bornemann Says:

    When will the iphone version get the voice features?

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