SportyPal Java version 1.2 is out!

After some delay, a new update of SportyPal for Java (version 1.2) is now online.

Here are the changes in this version:

– Added all the new workout types as they appear on the website, accessible from the FreeStyle type.
– Added support for all screen resolutions ranging from 320×240 or 240×320 to 800×800 in a single JAR package,
– Added support for phones with touchscreen,
– Added support for automatic screen rotation,
– Uses new upload and register API that should fix most workout upload and registering issues,
– SportyPal will now tell you if a new version is available when you upload a workout,
– Faster “current workout” screen redrawing especially the transition to the map view.
– Switch between speed and pace (using the Up/Down navigation keys or by touch-scrolling up and down) for your current workout.

You can download SportyPal version 1.2 by clicking here. You can also install it by going to with your device

Edit: Version 1.2 has been slightly updated. If you have downloaded it yesterday we urge you to re-download it again. We added code that would enable us to add file export options for the workouts in the future.

This minor update should also make your workouts made with version 1.1 or version 1.0 visible again, and should appear as an update of 1.1/1.0 to the phone.

Update: Version 1.2.1 has been released.

Changes in version 1.2.1:
– SportyPal always displays distance in miles instead of yards now,
– More accurate error messages
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