Samsung Galaxy Spica users

If you’ve tried SportyPal on the Samsung Galaxy Spica, you probably found that the phone records the date of all of your workouts as 1.1.1970 and your workout durations are several seconds at best. This is due to a bug in the Spica – its GPS interface reports the wrong timestamps.

We just uploaded a new version of SportyPal (1.7) to the Android App Market (and the website) that should work around this. Not having a Galaxy Spica, we can’t test it ourselves, so let us know if it works on your devices.

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7 Comments on “Samsung Galaxy Spica users”

  1. Rob Derks Says:

    I downloaded version 1.7 on my Galaxy Spica on feb 1, 2010. Unfortunately the problem with the date has not been fixed.

    Futhermore, I have to test it out but it looks like a nice program to me.

  2. Sandor Irlanda Says:

    I have downloaded SportyPal yesterday (2010.02.08). Unfortunately the time problem is still valid.
    When I finish the training it correctly shows 30 minutes, after uploading the data it becomes 2 hours. And as I checked the workout on the site it was nearly 2000 hours.
    The mapping part is nearly perfect. Much better than other tools I have tried.

    • SportyPal Says:

      We’re still working on it and we’re planning on uploading another update, though without a Spica to test on we can’t guarantee anything.

      • Benjamin Says:


        Did you fixed the bug with the date and total time error?

      • SportyPal Says:

        The bug’s effects have been somewhat reduced, however we find that we can’t fully fix it unless we make significant changes to SportyPal.

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