iPhone SportyPal 1.0.1

IPhone users can now update their version of SportyPal by visiting the App Store.

This update fixes several bugs found in the initial version, including:

  • Workouts becoming corrupt so that you can no longer upload them.
  • The time display starting several hours in.
  • The inability to select the correct workout type.

You can use this link to open the SportyPal page in iTunes.

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4 Comments on “iPhone SportyPal 1.0.1”

  1. kei Says:

    i tried using sportypal this afternoon and was truly impressed on your developed application.

    i only have 1 issue, i received a phone call during my workout, my sportypal paused. would this also happen in sms? is there any settings to continuously run the app? thank you.

    • SportyPal Says:

      Receiving an SMS doesn’t pause your workout. There’s no way to prevent a call from pausing your workout in the current version, though.

  2. Sriram Says:


    The current version works only with iphone OS 3.1. Since I didn’t want to upgrade to OS 3.1, I cannot use your app on 3.0.

    Is it possible to get the older version (which works with 3.0) anywhere as appstore has only the new version?

    I used to use this on my HTC Touch HD and I want to be able to use it on iphone 3.0 as well.


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