NullReferenceException on upload (Windows Mobile)

Some of our users have been having issues with some of their workouts causing SportyPal to crash when they attempt to upload them. SportyPal would crash with an additional message saying “The error could not be logged (NullReferenceException)”.

If you’ve encountered this issue, don’t worry. Your workout data is OK, safe and sound inside your device. The next update to SportyPal (coming very soon) will allow you to upload the affected workouts.

In case you’re interested, this happens because it is possible (we still don’t know how) to create a workout that causes SportyPal to pack it into an infinitely large file for upload, causing the device to run out of memory. Though we haven’t found a way to create such a workout ourselves, we’ve tested the fix with another user’s data, so it should work for everyone.

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8 Comments on “NullReferenceException on upload (Windows Mobile)”

  1. Pete Weinman Says:

    I plan to take sportypal with me on my windows smartphone when I run the NYC marathon on Nov. 1. I have tested the program with my phone in “airplane” mode (no phone, no internet) and I can squeeze 5 hours out of it (which is how long I expect to need it). Is there any reason to think it’ll have trouble with 5 hours and 26.2 miles of data?


    • SportyPal Says:

      Can’t recall if we’ve tested a 5-hour workout on Windows Mobile… We’ll run a test these days and post how it goes, but it should be fine.

    • SportyPal Says:

      Over 5 hours seems to be fine (just tried it). What’s the device that you’re planning to use while running the marathon?

      • Pete Weinman Says:

        I ran the NYC marathon last Sunday. My 10th NYC marathon. I finished at 4:54. Unfortunately, not due to sportypal, my phone could not get a satellite fix at Fort Wadsworth where the marathon begins. In fact, my phone (maybe due to sportypal’s inability to get a gps lock?) kept re-starting. Eventually, I just gave up and ran without sportypal. It was a sad day, as I really was hoping to post that particular workout on facebook! Anyway, thanks for this program, it usually works pretty well and I enjoy using it.

  2. Pete Weinman Says:

    Oh – to answer your question, an HTC Touch Diamond, sprint.


    • SportyPal Says:

      SportyPal itself won’t cause your device to restart if it can’t get a GPS fix. This sounds like a GPS-hardware problem, especially if other GPS-based applications act the same way.

  3. SC_Biker Says:

    I downloaded sportypal a week or so ago and must say its a super app! Thank you! As for this exception when uploading_ I still have this problem but i also found a workaround and thot i’d share it here in case it helps.

    On my samsung i780 (winmo 6) when i connect via gprs or via wifi this error happens. However when i connect via activesync it works.

    • SportyPal Says:

      Is it the exact same message (“The error could not be logged (NullReferenceException)”? If it is, send us a message here, we’d like to fix that.

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