Comparing workouts

A new feature has been added to the SportyPal website, which allows you to compare two workouts. To use it, simply select two workouts from the workouts list and click the “Compare” button below the list.

The compare button

The compare button

Note that you can also compare other users’ workouts using the same method, although you can’t compare their workouts to your own… yet. If you select more than two workouts and click the “Compare” button, only the first two will be compared.

Comparing workouts shows you the similarity between the workouts’ routes (as a percentage, with 100% meaning that the routes match Route matchcompletely, and 0% that they are completely different), a visual comparison of their velocity graphs, and several bars showing the difference in distance, time, speed, pace, calories and climb.

Comparing time and distance

Comparing time and distance

Try it out and let us know what you think.

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8 Comments on “Comparing workouts”

  1. sleek Says:

    Cool! Great tool to check on your progress!

  2. Dex-cz Says:

    Excellent work. Thanks.

  3. Mswati Says:

    Great. Thanks for your dynamism.
    A map with the two workouts would be good to compare the route.

  4. Joost Says:

    Great extension!!!

  5. lessew Says:

    very usefull

  6. Javier Says:

    Great work!
    Let´s fix the maps!

  7. Ramona Smith Says:

    What does the climb mean on cycling compare?? We do the same route, but varies a great deal.

    • SportyPal Says:

      GPS can be really inaccurate when it comes to altitude, which is why two workouts on the same route may yield different climb/descent values (or different altitude graphs).

      To work around this, we would like to switch to map-based altitude for uploaded workouts at some point.

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