Workout maps in Windows Mobile, Java and BlackBerry

Some of our users have noticed that they are haven’t been able to view the maps for their newly-made workouts these past few days. This is due to a change in Google’s API that broke compatibility with the Windows Mobile version (this only seems to affect the WM version, be sure to tell us if anything has changed in any of the other versions).

Upgrading to the latest version fixes this.

UPDATE: This also affects the Java version. Download the latest version from here to fix this.

UPDATE: This also affects the BlackBerry version. We’re working on a fix.

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13 Comments on “Workout maps in Windows Mobile, Java and BlackBerry”

  1. Cabeda Says:

    That is true, I’v e been using the program for one week, everything is fine, but I can’t visualize the maps in the PDA, only when I upload to the community.

  2. Alex Chan Says:

    I just want to report this “could’t view the Google Map after uploaded the workout”. It’s so good to hear that a new update will release soon! I look forward to try it, hope not very soon! Thanks.

  3. Alex Chan Says:

    I updated to ver 1.0.7 and the map could be loaded. This is Great!
    In this new update, I tried to select the PACE starting a new workout (running). After the workout, the Avg. Pace was shown, say 6:00min/km. Then, I uploaded the workout to the web. After uploading the data, I checked “My Workout” again but I found the Avg. Pace become 00:00km/min. Is it a bug? Please check and advise. Thanks.

    • SportyPal Says:

      Yes, it’s a known bug. We’ve found and fixed it, so expect it to be gone by the next update.

      • Alex Chan Says:

        I found that apart from the ‘Avg. Pace’ bug, I realized that if I chose ‘SPEED’ to start a workout. The data output screen in My Workouts showed the Time and Distance but reversed the lines. The Avg. speed and Calories lines were correct.

        I look forward to the next update with these bugs solved.


  4. cycleguy Says:

    Am running 1.07 for WM and still cannot view google maps while in workout.

    • SportyPal Says:

      The Windows Mobile and Java versions don’t have live Google maps (as in, maps shown during a workout). 1.0.7 addresses the static maps that can be viewed post-workout.

      • cycleguy Says:

        Great…. Thanks…. Any idea on when live Google maps will be incorporated in? It’s one of the “features” I need. Additionally, it would be nice to “load” a previously defined route and then see deviations on the actual route. A Red Line and a Green Line – all on a live Google Map of course.

      • SportyPal Says:

        Live maps are probably not going to be incorporated anytime soon, as it is a lot of work (these platforms weren’t designed with that kind of feature in mind).

        As for predefined tracks, we already have them planned for a future release.

  5. Javier Says:

    I can´t view maps on the website
    Neither the old ones nor the new ones.
    I see the maps on the mobile applications.
    My device is palm treo pro.

  6. Bastiaan Says:

    I think I founded a bug related to this bug. While I uploaded my workout to sportypal I was checking it with my internet browser “Internet explorer 8” (8.0.7600.16385), and it had the same problem as the other people. But when I visited the site with opera 10 (build 1750) it worked fine. So, is it really Platform related, or is it a bug in Internet explorer and/or other browsers?!?

    • SportyPal Says:

      We’re not really sure what you mean here. The issue described in this post occurs in the Windows Mobile and Java versions of SportyPal, not on the website.

  7. i just wish you could give us an option in the device to switch from ‘SATELLITE’ to ‘MAP’ or vice versa.

    if you can deal with it, it will be so great because i prefer to see my workout track log with map style.

    thank you.

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