Altitude on Windows Mobile devices, revisited

We had an entry a while ago about altitude problems with Windows Mobile devices. While we still haven’t found a definite solution to the problem for everyone, there are two things that we wanted you to know:

  1. If you’re having altitude problems, check to see if there are any ROM updates for your device. Updating the device’s firmware has solved this problem for a lot of users.
  2. We’re still working on providing everyone with altitude data, as well as the ability to manually choose the COM port for your GPS unit from within SportyPal.
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One Comment on “Altitude on Windows Mobile devices, revisited”

  1. Evan Says:

    I’m very excited to read this as it pointed me back to which I hadn’t seen in a while. It makes me realize that a key piece of information I hadn’t disclosed is that my HTC Diamond is a CDMA Sprint diamond with and maybe that’s why my GPS shows altitude correctly! Hopefully now that people are getting updated roms and radios, the GPS’s on the sportypal’s developers phones will allow them to better implement altitude in the app.

    I would love to see some extra info on the status screen including current altitude, start altitude and rate of ascent/descent.

    I also hope you’ll be able to better calculate calories burned by incorporating altitude data.

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