Windows Mobile SportyPal 1.0.5

A new update is now online for Windows Mobile users. It is the first version to be compatible with Windows Mobile Standard. SportyPal can now be used without tapping the screen even once. Here’s how the buttons should work:

  • Rotating menus: All of the rotating menus can be rotated using the left and right navigation buttons (the ones around your center button) and activated with the center button.
  • Status bar buttons: The left soft key always triggers the leftmost button on the bar, and the right soft key triggers the rightmost button. If there are more than two keys on the bar, you can access any key using the left and right navigation buttons and pushing the center button when the corresponding button text is red.
  • Pop-up menus: Once you’ve activated a pop-up menu, you can use the up and down navigation buttons to select an option and the center button to activate it. You can’t use the navigation buttons for anything else as long as the menu is open. If you want to close the menu without activating an item, push the same button that you used to open it.
  • Lists: Just like pop-up menus, you can use the up and down navigation buttons to select a workout and the center button to view it.

There are still a few quirks that you should be aware of:

  • Landscape screens will auto-rotate 90 degrees while SportyPal is running and stay that way until you exit the application.
  • Unlike the Windows Mobile Professional version, there is no splash screen when you launch the application.
  • One of the methods we used to solve the auto-sleep bug couldn’t be used reliably in Windows Mobile Standard without crashing the entire application, so some users may need to turn off their power saving modes while using SportyPal.

For everyone else, here’s what we changed:

  • Added some more error checking when parsing numbers, which didn’t really fix anything that was broken, but was a disaster waiting to happen.
  • Fixed several visual glitches for square-screen users, including the right button bug.
  • Changed the color of the workout path in the Google Map image to blue. It’s easier to see this way. This won’t affect workouts that already have a map image, only new ones.
  • Moved the back button in the “My Workouts” screen to the right.
  • Fixed the distance discrepancy bug. Distance is now recalculated after the workout ends and before it’s uploaded. If the new result differs more than 5% from the old one, the distance is replaced with the new result. This should fix most major discrepancies between the website and device application stats.
  • Restored the old fix to the auto-sleep bug (the one from before 1.0.4), kept the one from 1.0.4 and added a new fix. If the bug still affects you after this, we’re out of ideas.
  • Included French (thanks to Stephane) and Russian (thanks to Vadim, mentioned in this post) translations. If you have a French, Russian or Italian SIM card inside the device when you run SportyPal, the corresponding language should now be the default language, though we haven’t been able to test this.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause SportyPal to crash if you backed out of the “My Workouts” screen when you don’t have any workouts.
  • Reinforced the screen updates during workouts, so that untimely GPS data doesn’t cause the clock to freeze. Thanks to Mike for the suggestion.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the “Map” option during a workout to change its text to “Track”.
  • Added some more detail to the error logs. Let’s hope that we won’t be needing them.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to use the hardware buttons to navigate menus while the landscape mode warning was showing, causing a glitchy screen and confusion. Now, if you press a button while viewing the warning, you’ll get the option to quit SportyPal, preventing you from getting stuck and having to reset because of a screen orientation change.
  • Added some more filters for coordinates saved during the workout. You can no longer have a workout that leaves the map (we still don’t know how that could happen to some of you), and coordinate (-1, -1) is now filtered out, just like (0, 0) (thanks to Konstantin for finding that one for us). Also, workouts made in “free style” mode now have a speed cap of 1800 km/h (approx. 1120 mph).
  • Widened the pop-up menus a bit.

Thanks to Raymond and Mike for helping us test this version on actual Windows Mobile Standard devices.

Users upgrading directly from version 1.0 should read this note.

This is an old version and is no longer available for download. You can download the newest CAB here.

Any problems starting this version once you’ve upgraded? Read this.

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10 Comments on “Windows Mobile SportyPal 1.0.5”

  1. mike Says:

    Hello, I’d like to translate the application to Czech, how do I get todo that? Thanks. Mike

  2. kresnamurti Says:

    hello sportypal,
    i have to say that your freeware is AMAZING! i’ve been using run.gps for my daily cycling activities and for now on i have a new software to track my record also. i’ve been using your software for 3 records and i think as long as you provide this free service, i will always use it.


  3. Evan Says:

    Just loaded up 1.0.5, hopefully it will work better on my HTC touch diamond than 1.0.4. Just wanted to let you know that it seems to forget my height on the profile screen. I tried to save it in imperial and it just comes up as 0 0 when I return. Hopefully everything else works! I loved 1.0.1 and my only issue there was while it tracks altitude, it doesn’t seem to take it in to account when calculating calories. I know I use more calories going up mountain biking then descending! I’ll try it out and report back!

    I already have friends that want your iphone version. Do you need a tester and how can they get it?

    Thanx again for a great application.


    • SportyPal Says:

      The problem with altitude is that Windows Mobile devices can be somewhat unreliable with it. For some users, adding altitude could actually make the calorie count worse. We need to test it, and we can’t get any altitude data from our devices.

      The iPhone version is already done, we’re just waiting for Apple’s approval.

      • Evan Says:

        If you look at my online workouts, altitude, at least on my CDMA sprint touch diamond works very reliably. It’s one of the features I really like because I live in the mountains and do a lot of mountain biking. It just would be great to have it included in the calorie calculations!

        I have been having some problems with using the camera with 1.0.5. do I have to use the photo button within the application or can I just do start camera? Is that why it’s messing up?

        I was also very impressed that when the battery ran out during the workout, it still saved my workout!!!

        Keep up the good work. I’ll probably try 1.0.6 very soon, please implement using old registration info as default in next release.

        Thanx again

      • SportyPal Says:

        You shouldn’t be having problems with the camera, but we still suggest that you use SportyPal’s photo button.

  4. Jeremy Says:

    So close!

    Device: Sprint HTC Snap (WinMo Standard 6.1)
    SP Version: 1.0.7

    So the Snap still goes to sleep when SportyPal is running, even though I told my HTC device to not turn off the screen.

    Settings -> Power ->
    – Turn off Backlight (Never)
    – Turn off Screen (Never)

    The kicker: If I’m NOT running SportyPal, the screen and backlight stay on and does not shut off – ever. But if I start SportyPal and start a workout, the screen shuts off after a minute or two and tracking stops.

    If I’m running SportyPal, it’s like the “override” you are trying to do actually switches it back shutting off. I can keep sporty pal going by pressing a button every minute or so, but that’s tough at 25mph. 🙂

    So close….

    • SportyPal Says:

      SportyPal is what’s turning your screen off (you’ll find that it still turns it off at the same interval even if you change the power settings) to save battery.

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