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We’re sure that you’ve noticed that we’re constantly tweaking, updating and adding new features to While we still have a lot of new features planned, we’d also like to hear what you want to see on in the future. So drop us a comment here or an e-mail. We’d appreciate it.

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48 Comments on “Suggestions for the website”

  1. Chris Pivik Says:

    The only change I can suggest for the website is regarding the elevations shown when viewing workouts. If they could be changed to feet instead of meters (for those working in Imperial units) that would be great!

    A huge thanks to all who helped create SportyPal. I use it almost every day and it really has helped me. I truly appreciate it! Keep up the good work.


  2. Ric Says:

    I agree with Chris, also it would be nice if our measurement setting could be universal so that we can see all workouts as imperial if that’s what he have it set for.

    I sometimes check out other peoples workouts but kinda annoying when they are set to metric.

    Also, it seems as though the default view for guests is still metric, you guys should add an option somewhere to be able to switch the view from imperial to metric. I guess that would also take care of the first issue I mentioned above.

  3. Ric Says:

    Forgot about my other question, any word on a version for the Palm Pre anytime soon? My friend who rides with me just got one and i’m always raving about my sportypal app and he would love to use it as well.

    • SportyPal Says:

      There are no plans for a Palm version at this time.

      • dutchman71 Says:

        bummer, just traded from WinMo to the Palm Pre, I love your software and will certainly miss it… Please rethink your decision..

    • Gene Says:

      Yes, I second the request. I have been using SportyPal on a a WinMo, but just got rid of my WinMo phone for a Palm Pre. Love to see SportyPal on the Pre.

  4. Seth Says:

    Some things I would love to see in no particular order:

    1. If GPS gets screwy, an assumed straight line is drawn to final destination on map. On velocity graph mileage is calculated as if one traveled via straight line. Recorded distance however only has distance recorded when GPS was behaving. Minimum possible distance would seem to properly include the straight line portion. See workout here for example:

    2. Average speed should only be calculated off time when location information was transmitted. Same workout as above should illustrate why this is more useful.

    3. Remember me doesn’t work if you switch Internet connections (work connection versus home connection on same laptop).

    4. Total elevation up and down would be a nice improvement to highest and lowest altitude.

    5. Temperature. Not sure how hard it is; but as it gets hotter it would help me tell if I improve even if average speed is slower.

    6. Would be nice to be able to name a location; and see all workouts from named location. I run maybe 7 state parks in area; would love to be able to pull up all runs from one of them. Another way to add this functionality would be to display workouts on map (similar to most recent 500 map) but specific to user.

    7. If above was done; I would be interested in being able to view more then 5 workouts on workouts tab; to quickly compare speeds when running same area.

    SportyPal is a great program; and I have found working out much more enjoyable because of it! πŸ™‚

  5. J Says:

    I agree with the other users posting here, sportypal pretty much rocks. This application works great on my HTC Touch Pro while running a bluetooth stereo headset for music. This service is just what I was looking for. As for ideas, I have one. A heart rate monitor would be great. I dont know if there are any bluetooth heart rate monitors, but I figure you geniuses at Sportypal can finagle some way to make it happen. I currently use a Polar S625X and am transitioning to Sportypal due to ease and GPS tracking but I will miss the heart rate monitor.

  6. Ray Says:

    I’m a results oriented person and this app in it’s own way shows results! Thanks!

    Here’s what I’d like to see:

    -An “on pace” field that will compare your current pace on a given route to your best recorded time on that same route. A glance at the screen might show that you are 12 seconds behind your best time. Certainly motivation to pick it up a notch.

    -Ability to compare my walking/running/cycling time to all other users on the website based on “x” number of miles. Understanding that the conditions and terrain would be different this would still give you some sort of measuring stick.

  7. john gosling Says:

    How about a forum

  8. Stephane V. Says:

    Here is my whish list:
    – Would be nice to prepare a workout from the web site by defining the track, workout planning, and milestones and use it on the go.
    Also, could be cool to re-use existing workout as the baseline for a new workout.
    Comparing workouts would be a plus as well.
    Naming and categorizing workout would help to differientiate training plan.
    Finally, I’d love to have the heart beat as well.
    Thank you,

  9. snowmobiledog Says:

    I was just thinking that Sportypal should be connected with Apptodate. That way we could check for updates in one place.

    Thanks again for an outstanding product!

  10. Samuel Says:

    Great ap–just used it for the first time today.

    1) I want to second the imperial units on the web elevations. Also, I’d like to second the suggestion to be able to view total vertical feet climbed during a workout.

    2) Have you considered partnering with a nutrition ap to integrate a calorie counter into the workout. Bam, track it all in one place and you have the most robust workout ap out there.

    Thanks for developing this.

  11. VinceInSeattle Says:

    “AvarageSpeed” on the workout screen for running workouts is misspelled. Would also change “CaloriesBurnt” to just “Calories.”

    I would suggest representing all speeds and paces for runners in terms of minutes/mi (or /km) rather than mph. This would apply to the “vel” graph and the “analysis” tab as well. I’m sure cyclists want mph but not runners.

    I find some of the statistics like maximum speed are not credible but this may be a function of the GPS built into the phone and how it records speed. Maybe should just drop the “Max Pace” and “Max Speed” lines and keep “Best (1000 yards),” which seems much more reliable. My “Max Pace” today list 4:33 minutes/mile – believe me, I wish it were true!

    All that said, I really like the simplicity of SportyPal. Would hate to see creeping featuritis spoil that aspect.

    • mike Says:

      Just a short note, I’m a runner and I want mph (well I want kmh) πŸ™‚

      • VinceInSeattle Says:

        Really? I have a friend from South Africa and she thinks in terms of min/km, e.g. a 6-minute pace. You think in terms of km/hr, like 10 km/hr is average, 12 km/hr is going pretty fast, 8 km/hr is leisurely? Because that is a way of thinking about speed that I’ve never heard about among runners or seen in thousands of articles about running over the years, where the shorthand is always like: train at an 8 or 9 min pace, do tempo runs at a 7 min pace, etc.

  12. Frode Says:

    Can’t seem to find it (I might be blind and stupid), so I guess it’s not possible yet, which is a shame:

    To edit an workout… I have a heart rate monitor clock and the results are as exact as they can be. Would like to put that in the workout, like I could do with Nokia Sportstracker.

  13. Oskar Says:

    I have problems with the manual checkpoint feature. NaN points get added and there is no way to delete them. Also moving the map and adding points is done with the same mouse button and the cursor doesn’t change, this makes it difficult.

    A second “issue” I have is not directly related to the website, but here goes none the less.
    The (exportable) gps points seem to be logged with around 4-5s intervals (in running mode anyway). This is much to slow for interval training. I would ideally like speed points every 1s, or even more frequent if possible.
    The map plot however is very detailed, moving over 1m on the road for just a couple of meters can be seen clearly, so maybe points in fact are logged frequently enough and it’s just a interface thing how often values can be placed?

  14. Ken Says:

    Love the App. Just a couple of suggestions:
    1. I have a big (1920×1200) screen and as a result have a lot of wasted screen real estate on the web page. For the maps it would be great if it could expand to fill all the available space giving a bigger map window. (Once the window is bigger you could then add in more conventional zoom controls and a scale.)
    2. At a more complex level it would be great to point to any spot on a route and have the time, speed, altitude, etc for that spot displayed.
    3. Having the 10 sections of a trip identified is great but it would be great if we could move/add/remove these to suit ourselves by clicking and dragging on the map.

  15. Michel Says:

    The possibility to change the routes afterwords, because they often don’t fit to the map, and the kilometers are wrong (When GPS signal loss, or miss-calculation)

  16. Henrique Says:

    My suggestions:

    1 – Add a small label with current time to workout screen;
    2 – Insert a hiperlink on username behind the picture with the current id ( Sometimes I want to send my profile to a friend, but I can’t get MY user id.
    3 – Add a page to see the user’s points and the place on rank.

    Congrats for the great app!

    • Kevin Says:

      I agree with this one too… an obvious link with my user_id so I can share a link with others. Thanks for this fantastic app; I’m not a very active person but am hoping this app will inspire me to do more!

  17. Evan Says:

    I agree there should be a button on the website to change from metric to imperial when viewing workouts. It seems to sometimes display for me in imperial when I’m logged in and viewing, but I can’t really tell why sometimes it displays metric instead. It definitely seems to only display metric when I’m not logged in, which is a pain when I’m sending links to the workouts to friends who only see it in metric. Please add imperial/metric display button option to site.

  18. hellerro Says:

    Hi, here my wishlist:
    1. Live tracking
    2. compare function for comparing workouts on the same route and for comparing with freinds who have run the same route.

    Thanks for a great product.

  19. Ole Says:

    I’ve just started using Sportypal myself, and the one thing I really miss is integration with my heart rate monitor.

    The best would be a complete integration, preferrably where I could upload the training data from my Polar computer into a Sportypal workout to see how my pulse was throughout the workout. If that’s impossible at the moment, a simple field on the website where basic stats (max and average HR, time spent in low/med/high HR zones) for a workout could be entered would be great

  20. Hello,
    first of all I want to say you thank you for this beautiful software, I’m using it since this morning but I already love it! πŸ™‚

    Here are my suggestions for the website:
    -I can’t find anything about Goals voice on profile. What is it? Could be a good idea add some rows explaining that?
    -I can’t find my personal Points while I can see the “top 10 users” with their points. Same as before.
    -I think could be good to have a user community, like a forum, where I can post thread about problems i.e. on my HTC P3600 and users could write their opinion.

    and last, where can I post my suggestion about the software?

    Many Thanks πŸ™‚

  21. Some other features I would like to have on the website are:
    -possibility to search users: now I can see a list of user under “community”, but I’m not able to search by name (I can do it only looking for a friend in my personal account), or by sport type. I like the possibility to find people near me browsing the google map.
    -possibility to merge tracks: yesterday I have done a training composed by: 1/2 hour cycling, 2 hours walking (trekking), and another 1/2 hour cycling. I have to save 3 differents records and upload them in a separate way, but they all belong to the same training!
    -possibility to merge gps data with heart rate data (like other users I have a Polar)
    -I can’t understand what is the criteria used to find “suggested” friend (distance, location, age…?)
    -under “records” on my account and under “workouts” under community could be good to see also the altitude information
    -I think that the calories information could be calculated in a better way: yesterday I made a walking session of 37 minutes descending 646mt. and for Sportypal I consumed 172 calories, while climbing the same distance (866 climbing and 100 descending) in 88 minutes seems that I consumed exactly 100 calories more, that seems a more little difference for me

    Thank you

  22. Heila,
    is there somebody here??
    I have thought to some other features for the website:
    -it would be great to show wheater information on the track recorded, and also the temperature
    – I don’t remember the others.. πŸ™‚

  23. Another feature (no, I’m not a spammer, I just only like this software and I’m a software developer so it’s easy for me image improvement, features and notice bugs) πŸ™‚

    Now we can add label to our workouts, writing locations and tags (how we have to write different tags: separating by space, comma, etc.?), and if I made a search I can see that these are used to filter data.
    But I can’t see what label I write over a workout, so I can’t modify it or see it. And I think is not comfortable to write label when I’m watching the summary of workout, because I can’t understand where that workout was recorded and I have to open it too see details.
    It would be better to see, add and modify label inside the workout detail.


  24. Some more:
    -I think could be useful for a lot of people if the website would be translated in many languages (I can offer support for Italian language)
    -possibility to see the road “inclination” (in %), i.e. like now when you go on mouse over the track for altitude or velocity could be a great feature.

    Another thing that I can’t understand now is how I can remove my checkpoints: is simply to add them but how can we remove?

  25. Joost Says:


    Can there be some sort of RSS and Twitter share option? I love this feature in RunKeeper and it would make sense for this app.
    Furthermore an RSS feature to show your workouts on your own website (or homescreen portal like iGoogle/Netvibes) would be great.

    And I can offer my help to translate in Dutch.

    Just my 2 cents. Keep up the good work!

  26. Ken Says:

    When adding comments it would be good to be able to bring up a bigger window to see more than a couple of lines as I’m typing.
    Do you watch the comments as they come in? I sometimes comment on strange behaviour of the phone/system there.

  27. Could be possible to have the feature to upload workouts manually via usb/cable pc instead of only via internet connection?

  28. Ken Says:

    The manual analysis is great. However, again the window is a bit small. Would it be possible to do manual analysis of workouts in a separate tab/window, label the legs and export the results in a format suitable for spreadsheets?
    BTW it also often takes me several clicks to add a marker as the positioning of the “hand” seems very critical.

  29. Every time I answer on my phone, or I read an sms, sportypal goes in background.
    When I restart it (without stopping the application), I can see the “continue” button and I can press it on, but nothing happens, the timer doesn’t continue so I have to end the training session and restart another one.
    The result is that I have 2/3 or more workouts for every training I do; to solve this problem would be great if I could merge workouts.

  30. Thomas Says:

    I enjoy using SportyPal and especially enjoy watching the velocity graph. However, I don’t find it very accurate. I’m following a training plan which requires me to walk and run during the workout. The transition between running (e.g. 10km/h) and walking (e.g. 5 km/h) is shown as a smooth line in the graph but should be very harsh. Is it possible to expand the amount of datapoints in the graph?

    for example, more like this:,1745731860

  31. travis Says:

    Congrats on the android award! It is well deserved…

    My biggest suggestion would be that sometimes I tow a child carrier behind me while I am cycling (probably an added 50 pounds). Is there any way to add in this information and see the effects on my workout? It would be nice to be able to quickly change between the two factors and I am guessing it would change the workout data substantially. I also imagine it would be useful for runners/ walkers pushing running strollers and hikers who carry large backpacks.

    Thanks in advance, you guys rock!

  32. Simon Says:

    Is there a facility to import runs from another app, e.g. BuddyRunner ( apolgies for mentioning it on the site!!), i.e. export from BR and import to SP?

  33. ESP Says:

    I have used similar programs on my phone and by far, SportyPal has been the most intuitive to use. One thing I would like to see added that other programs has is voice announcements for distance, time, pace, etc. I usually listen to music through my phone while running/biking and have found voice prompts with relevant information very useful. At this point, I am running 2 apps on my phone when I run. Another app to get the voice prompts and SportyPal for the data tracking because of SportyPal’s superior website.

  34. Ken Says:

    The ability to compare 2 workouts sounds good. My ideal development of this would be for regular workouts on the same route to be able to create a template by defining relevant points on the route, name the sections (it would be nice to do this on normal manual analysis anyway) and then apply any number of workouts to this template. It would have to take the closest point of approach to each point as the vagaries of GPS will not give a perfect match and even reject workouts if they are clearly a different route. You could then display a list of workouts with details for each named section in columns. I’d actually like to export it to a spreadsheet but you could display it yourselves if you wanted.
    BTW I’m still hanging out for better use of larger screens!

  35. Zac Says:

    I appreciate that there is a “Share this” option. What I’d really like to see is the option to automatically send my workout to twitter/facebook/etc. upon uploading. I’m imagining something similar to this:

    “Just [Ran/Cycled/etc] for [x amount of distance] using Sportypal. Results at [URL-shortened address, leads directly to workout & map at community site]”

    I think this would provide exposure for SportyPal as well as more utility for the people using it!


  36. kresnamurti Says:

    i can’t upload my sport data from blackberry device. it needs wi-fi connection that i can’t find in my place. can we upload data file from sportypal folder onto sportypal portal, manually?

    or maybe there’s a tool to convert it into gpx so we can upload to sportypal portal? thank you.

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