SportyPal in other languages

We just saw this page and we were quite (pleasantly) surprised when we saw that they’d included a Russian translation of the Windows Mobile version of SportyPal. We’re assuming that whoever posted this probably disassembled the DLLs of one of the translations that are included in SportyPal by default and saw the strings and just replaced them to make the Russian DLL.

We’re perfectly fine with anyone who decides to do this (we even asked the poster if we could distribute his translation with the next SportyPal update, so that you won’t have to bother to copy the file manually), but if you send us an e-mail or contact us through the support page, we’ll send you a translation table and we’ll include your translation with the next update.

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14 Comments on “SportyPal in other languages”

  1. Zepiii Says:

    I would love to translate it in frecnh.
    Plz, send me an email explaining me what i’ve to do, and i’ll send it back to the support of paypal !

    Thank you!

  2. ihsanv Says:

    I want to translate the program resources into Turkish.
    Can you explain me what to do?
    Thanks in advance..

  3. Pablo Pérez Says:

    I would like to translate it to spanish. ¿Could you send me the texts, please?

  4. michael Says:

    If you have the translation table for blackberry i could do it for polish…

  5. Thomas Says:

    If you like, I will do a translation for danish 🙂

  6. Joost Says:

    Hi there,

    I would love to translate this app into Dutch.

    I’m a happy user of SportyPal on my HTC Hero!

  7. Never Says:

    Already exist in Italian ? if not I will translate it.
    please, send to me the table.

  8. MonsterShorty Says:

    When you like i will translate it to german.

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