BlackBerry Storm and Pearl

A lot of you have been asking if we have a version of SportyPal for the BlackBerry Storm or the BlackBerry Pearl, so we thought we’d explain why we don’t have anything for these devices yet.

The BlackBerry Storm has quite a different display resolution compared to all of the other GPS-enabled BlackBerry devices, which means that we need to put in some extra work to get it to look decent. What the Storm doesn’t have, however, is a Wi-fi/WLAN connection capability. Since we’re not sure if SportyPal works with GPRS alone, it really doesn’t make sense for us to bother making a special version for a device that won’t be able to use it properly anyway. As soon as we’re told that enough users have been able to use SportyPal with a GPRS-based connection, we’ll have a Storm version ready.

The BlackBerry Pearl‘s screen resolution is too low for us to consider making a Pearl-compatible version at this point. However, we’ve had one of our users run SportyPal on his Pearl 8130, and he says that it looks fine, but that he can’t connect using only GPRS. We’ll post more once we have more info on this.

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5 Comments on “BlackBerry Storm and Pearl”

  1. HasanSheriff Says:

    I’d love to see a Storm version.

  2. Petar Says:

    The problem with the GPRS on the Blackberry is probably the fact that SportyPal does not have Blackberry signed API and therefore cant use the BB network. All BB users should try connecting via TCP and it should work!!

  3. john perez Says:

    so why have an image of the storm on your site (overview) displaying your software?

  4. velcia scott Says:

    Hi i have a new blackberry 9000 bold.
    i have had no problems with the app.

    only issue is my friend also downloaded sportypal she has a different phone. when we go running we put both on,
    time is exact but the distance is always quite different. last time my distance was 10k hers was 7k now thats a big difference.

    is off road / hill running tracked properly with the running app. thanks in advance for your responce

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