Default privacy options

You may not have noticed, but a few days ago we added the much needed “Privacy options” tab in the profile section of the website.

Before we had this, all workouts were uploaded with a sharing level of “Everyone” (public) by default. “Everyone” means that everyone that comes to the site, regardless of their being a registered user, can view the workout. Here’s how to change the privacy level of a workout that has already been uploaded: go to the “My Workouts” page while logged in and click on your workouts to select them. Click the “Share” button below the workout list and you’ll get a dialog asking you to set a privacy level for the selected workouts.

Now you can set a default privacy level for the new workouts that you upload. Go to your profile and click the “Privacy options” tab. Here you can set your sharing preference for new workouts, as well as your records and results pages.

Privacy options

Privacy options

Don’t forget to click the “Save Preferences” button before leaving the page!

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One Comment on “Default privacy options”

  1. Ken Says:

    I’d like to suggest an extra level of “Registered users only”. I know its not much by way of privacy but its not quite “Everyone” who can see where I’m travelling.
    I guess at some stage you could start unregistering people if they don’t do any workouts at all – which would keep this group a bit more targeted.

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